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It's a Monday Miracle!

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Our lawyer called, we have our final hearing to stop BM's money grab and end things with BM forever!

Say your prayers for us on July 17th! 

Lawyer submitted to stop all but the illegal arrears we are paying, so at least we are going down to $300/mo for June and July before the hearing.  Way better than over $1500! 

We are prepared for a settlement and will write that check in the court room if anything is awarded. The subpoena for her employer is also going out today. We are calling in the main doctor of the practice that she works for to appear in court with payroll records. This should be a good time! We know she has been there for at least 3, if not 4 years now. That doctor is not going to risk perjuring herself. I know the office manager at her location will, they are BFF's but not the head of the practice that owns 3 locations and has her name on those buildings! 

In other news, SS18 graduated on Saturday. MIL went to the graduation, he at least took a couple of pictures with her. Of course she was not invited to the party they were having and talked about in front of her. Keeping it classy in Kansas, I guess. SS still hasn't told DH of his college plans or authorized him for financial aid. We sent the certified letter stating what he had to do to get DH's GI bill funding and explained that was how we were paying DH's half. We will reiterate that to the court while we are there as well! 

** My MIL is one of the kindest, sweetest, most thoughtful and genuine people you will ever meet. The fact that SS treats her like crap makes me even angrier than how he treats DH **


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So good to hear things are finally moving forward. How awful of SS to treat his grandmother like that - I'm with you, that is worse than what he does to DH. DId you go ahead and send the passport info for the graduation gift?

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I did! 

Of course all I have is the confirmation that it was delivered, no thank you to his dad. 

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I PRAY that all of this goes well for you guys and that you can finally rid yourselves of that horrible BI*** forever. I hope that her karma gets her in court. I know that freeing yourselves from BM's payroll will be a day to celebrate for sure and then you and DH can move on with your lives. 

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I have little faith that things will go in your favor,  based on how that court has ruled to date and the fact that she didn't get in any trouble for forging official documents.  But I'll certainly be thinking the most positive thoughts for you!  That POS BM deserves to be flattened by the karma bus, and then it needs to back up and get her again. At least 3 or 4 times.

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I have no faith either. We do know that 10K of that HAS to be thrown out due to the legal statues so if that is all it is reduced, fine. We will write a check and move on. DH and I just want it over and to never have to deal with her again. Sometimes the price of peace is expensive but we will recover. 

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Did you ever get copies of her pay records before in response to your earlier subpoenas? Given all the problems you have had with your lawyer before, I would be calling his office until he can send you a copy of the proof of service of the trial subpoena that you can read for yourself and make sure he didn't screw it up again. Good luck!  

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Her company never responded to the earlier one's. We think the office manager BFF covered it up. That is why are are bringing in the Owner/Dr of the practice personally vs. just requesting records.

Believe me, they are going to be so sick of me bugging them. I have an alarm to call every day set on my phone. 

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Wow that date is right around the corner. It will be here before you know it.

I will be waiting to hear about the records.  

Yea, I have heard stories of workers in Human Resourses covering  crap up and/or acting like they never recieved notice. I can not believe what people get away with. Glad you are going directly to the Doctor this time. 

Hope all of this is over soon.




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We are NOT playing around. We need to firmly end this. All we have ever asked is that the court be fair. 

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Since you have been through the wringer with your HCGUBM and thankless SS.

I too hope that the Girhippo doesn't COLA the CS since it ends in January with YSS turning 21.

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If the Doc has any integrity, BFF is gone.

Karma would be for BM to have to pay you back and BFF gets fired.

Music 2

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Both of them getting fired since she testified that she wasn't working. That shows integrity and she has none. Her employer seeing that side of her might change some things!

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I sure enjoyed reading this! May July 17th finish this crap off. It's really nice when you can send the BM "walking off into the sun."

I'm sorry about MIL. There are some hateful people in this world. SMH

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I just got notice from our lawyer! Her lawyer tried to cancel and then postpone the hearing- the judge said NO. He tried to say he had a conflict and the judge said to un-conflict his conflict then!

Maybe we do have a shot at all of this. I know our lawyer has kept the judge on all the emails, maybe he is finally fed up!

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The kid ia out of freaking hs...good lord it's far past time.

I am on the flip side. CS enforcement is finally ​​not giving my oldest son's dad any more "chances" before they suspend his DL for failure to make timely payments. Our son is 27. 

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The kid ia out of freaking hs...good lord it's far past time.

I am on the flip side. CS enforcement is finally ​​not giving my oldest son's dad any more "chances" before they suspend his DL for failure to make timely payments. Our son is 27. 

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LOL does BM just think that she can "run out the clock", delaying these hearing indefinitely and continue to collect CS well into SS' adulthood?

ORRR has BM run out of money to pay her attorney, hence the continued delays? 

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The morning we finally got into court for the hearing that was repeatedly postponed by the SpermClan for nearly a year, even the Judge tried to push it once again. He was up for a Murder trial if he could clear his docket for that day.  The SpermClan and their train of bottom feeder lawyers used this tactic to try to get DW to give up SS due to the expense. They canceled at the last minute on 4 occassions after my then future DW had flown back to SpermLand for court.

DW was a single teen mom college student attending university out of state. Rather than give up her son, she took out a crap ton of supplemental student loans, got an attorney, and fought them.  

DW and I married the week before court.

Her attorney layed out the history of the delay tactics and the Judge chose to go through with our hearing. A long day later, we won, they lost, and the last half an hour was the Judge baring the Spermidiot's ass for looking ridiculous in court and  preying on teen girls (Diphsitiot was in his mid 20s).

It sounds that your Attorney is doing the right things.

Good luck. 

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July is a lucky month hopefully Biggrin