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BM is Jelly as Helly!

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Ha! We sent our new address per the court order when we sent her the  flight confirmation.

One of her "friends" who thinks she is a shit mom for doing what she has done, feeds us info for court. I asked this friend if BM has mentioned anything about SS and Christmas. She said no, but she would bring it up in conversation and find out what she says. BM didn't answer but sent her the Zillow link  to our new house. All she said was something along the lines of "Can you believe they are buying this house! WE never had anything like that!" - the friend complimented us and said we definitely have her house goals in life and congratulated us. 

HA BM! That's right, we have a good life! That's what happens when you actually work hard and don't go in to debt over 31 purses, Origami Owl, and Yankee Candles. You can afford a gorgeous home. 

Sorry, with all the BS she is causing right now, it feels good to know that we are pissing her off big time and she is jealous sitting in her little 2 bd house with 4 kids and 3 dogs in the shithole town they live in.

OK, Petty Betty is done.


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That's funny.  I don't blame you for being petty after all the crap she has pulled.  What is with BMs looking up homes on zillow? When we upgraded to our new house, my DH sent our BM the new address too.  She told SD13 on the phone that she saw our new house and that it was nice but not big enough.  Its over 3 times as big as hers and we have 2 less people living in our house!  SD13's response to her mom was that it was weird that BM saw what the new house looked like before she did. 

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Congratulations!! An example that hard work pays off!! Bm in my situation is so jelly of our upscale lifestyle that she is telling homeless looking feral child sd9 that all of the bm problems are because of us lol she rents a room in a run down house, no job and has attempted to kill herself for attention and alienate the kid from us just for kicks. It feels good knowing that your life is so much better than that hoebags life lol

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Meth Mouth would drag us to court anytime we got something new or went someplace fun, her reasoning was that if we had money to do those things, then we had money to give HER!

I am so glad my home is no longer monitored for what we have and do and that Meth Mouth is still a pathetic junkie living with her mommy taking handouts from her john's.

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Yes, I count my blessings every single day.

We have a newly purchased home that we are enjoying fixing up. That Dh has rented for 13 years. That SD13 Munchkin has grown up in. I love our home and the treasures that fill in and the love that resides there.

We both have awesome jobs that pay well. We both have paid vacation and sick days stocked up. I work with really nice people.

Our family is alive and healthy. Our relationshp and marriage is healthy and happy.

- BM Toxic Troll is still on disability leave for her head injury = no job.

- Toxic Troll STILL cant find a nice dude with a job to latch on to. Gee I wonder why??????????????????????

- She is still being used and abused by Feral Forger. She deserves it.

- She has just been evicted. She is suing the management company, because, money. she is moving to a 1 bedroom apartment from a 2 bedroom.

The Karma bus has hit her with a vengeance. I dont know if shes at all jealous - we asked that Munchkin SD13 not tell her what goes on at our home, that she not reveal that we bought the place.

The only issue I see right now is that Munchkin feels bad that her mother is not succesful in finding work/money/man. So shes conflicted about our successes.

Jelly - When I first heard this term, I had to look it up!