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Wow how things have changed.

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I almost died of shock last night. DH, who used to think the entire world revolved around SD (not just his, but everyone's), suggested we go visit his very ill grandpa without SD. Said it would be safer since he is obviously elderly and high risk for covid and she has mostly been with BM (and therefore we have no idea about exposure).

This would be a 4 hour trip to a touristy city. DH of four years ago would NEVER have attended a family function without SD, let alone go on a trip without her. He thought MY family would be devastated if she wasnt at our family functions even and we should plan to have her for all of those. He literally thought everyone was just as obsessed with her as he was, especially since BM and GBM and MIL encouraged him to make her the center of the universe. I mean, he even sent a picture of her playing in the yard to the realtor they used because the realtor just "loved her so much." He thought it was a sin to get a babysitter and have a night out and that it would be like saying he didnt want her around. 

So anyone who has obsessive daddies with miniwives on here- things can change.


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He thought MY family would be devastated if she wasnt at our family functions 


Thats so funny.  My DH was the same way about SS.  I really hated to tell him that MY family could care less if HIS son was at a function.  

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To be fair, my family tries too hard to be nice and inclusive and end up going over the top so I can see how they fed into it also. It annoys the sh*t out of me. But when shes not there they dont even ask about her so obviously they dont actually care that much.

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That's awesome! It's a great thing when they don't act like their "precious little princess" is the center of everyone's universe. The first time that we went on a little family trip without SD9 was so much fun! We have her full-time and during the rare times that she isn't with us, it's so nice to actually feel like it's a vacation. I love getting my breaks. I hope for your sake that your DH keeps his head out of his a** when it comes to your SD.

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The vacations I've went on with SD have all been awful. She cant even act normal for an hour to eat at a restaurant.

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I feel your pain. Mine turned Disneyland into a nightmare for me. I booked and paid for a redemption trip the next year WITHOUT SD. It was a blast!

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I think it will be hilarious if no one mentions SD...

Enjoy the SD-free visit. Prayers for grandpa. 

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Lol I'm wondering if they will or not. I'd imagine they'd at least ask where she is. We'll see I guess.

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We do a lot with SD16 when shes not with DH but not once since we met have we ever done something on a Wed night or every other weekend he has here! I mean not even go to a party for a few hours. He thinks he is abandoning her or something.bWe went to a brewery to meet some firends for a couple beers one Saturday afternoon (this was late last year when SD was old enough to stay here for a few hours) but didnt she come with us? So annoying!!! 

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At 16? Ick. I'm hoping SD gets some friends or a boyfriend to stalk by like 12 and loses interest in dh