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wow and I thought my situation was crazy I am thankful that I dont have the situation most of you have, I am thankful that I love my husbands kids and cherish ever second with the kids. everytime my SD is goofy or being a crazy 5 year old I always ask her "what am I goin to do with you?" she reply "LOVE ME!" and I say "ALWAYS AND FOREVER!" AHHHH i am so thankful for the joy on my SS face when he gets off the bus and runs and leaps in my arms everyday and first and foremost through everything I have been through with BM I am thankful that she truly does love her kids and is not one that's on drugs or jumping for guy to guy. I have relized my situation compared to alot of story on here is NOT that bad AT ALL!


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despite me and the BM's faults which everyone has I still thankful for her cuz our fault arent nearly as bad as I have read today.

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I too realize I am lucky, we've had our problems with BM but we can always sit down and talk and she wouldn't put up with her kids disrespecting us. but arggghgghg she's a dumbass!! lol

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Larkin, your anniversary is my birthday... LOL... and I agree... to have unconditional love and unconditional bonding, you have to be willing to give it to all of those that are partaking in your life... not just what you chose to see fit... If you are a step mom... guess what? YOU ARE STILL A MOM!!!!

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Yes you are lucky, what you have is what most of us believed we would have when we fell in love with these men with children. Now our unrealistic "dreams" have been shot down. We are left dumb founded!!!!LOL Enjoy what you have it must be rare!!!!!!:)

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Blessed be! Smile That is awesome. Continue to share your stories and experiences, to give us hope. To inspire us, to just show us that it CAN be positive sometimes.

Stepparenting and stepfamilies truly are a personal experience. I dont think any two situations can truly be exactly the same.

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I TOTALLY agree. This site has helped me to appreciate the situation that I am in and to know that it could be a lot worse. Of course we have our issues here and there but they do not compare to some of the stories I've read here. I keep all of you in my prayers!

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Wow! You are so lucky and blessed to have that! The fact that you are so bonded with them now at such a young age will mean that you are and will continue to be their mom as they grow up. Enjoy! I definitely don't have the worst situation on here, but I never had that bonding experience with my SD even though she was only 3 when I met her and she's 12 now. I am and will always be just her dad's girlfriend to her. I don't get hugs hello or goodbye, and any type of real conversation or interaction between us is awkward and forced on both our parts for the sake of FH. It's fine with me, since I don't feel like I need that closeness with her, but I know it's not ideal. What you have is indeed rare, so please cherish it for all of us on here who may never have it!

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I have a really good relationship with the skids too. I've known SS5 since he was about 2.5, and I've known SS2 since he was born.

It has taken me a while to get to where I am with them now, but overall they are pretty awesome little guys. Considering the situation they're in with BM, they're handing the situation exceptionally well.

SS5 actually told me he loved for the first time last week.


I think the thing that helped me out the most was being able to give myself (and SSs) time to adjust and develop a relationship. Alot of bio parents put pressure on the stepparent to "fall in love" with their kids, but the situation is too complicated for that. DH really understood and let me have that time and space to develop a unique relationship with both the boys.