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Skid is embarassing

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So we moved into a new house last summer. Just recently started having neighbors move in.

Skid is here one weekend and we're probably already known as the house with that kid. I've never met a kid that begs for attention the degree she does. Literally never. I can think of girl I went to school with that had some similar behaviors, but not to this extent. 

So SD gets on this weird high - like manic almost - when she gets attention especially from someone new. She was talking to this girl that moved in next door and got on her attention high. And starts the obnoxious attention seeking, in everyone's face that walks by on the sidewalk behind our house. Then gets on her bike and rides around the block and starts howling like a wolf at the top of her lungs at everyone she sees. 

Wtf? Kids ride by on their bikes constantly and I've never seen one hardly glance at us, let alone beg for attention. And what 9 year old girl goes around howling at strangers?


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Earlier this year I took SD8 to a play with some of my girlfriends. I am very progressive and nothing is more important to me than kindness. Some of the people in the show had Downs. They were REALLY GOOD!! My SD kept going on about how weird they were even though I explained to her the situation and asked her to drop it. I was beyond mortified. I do not take her places anymore. I would definitely drop that she is your STEPDAUGHTER. Does she know this embarrasses you?? She may be doing it on purpose. I have a sneaking suspicion my SD does things like that on purpose. 

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Well you are kinder than me, I would never take SD somewhere with my friends.

No, I don't think she does know. I think she thinks people find her delightful.

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Honestly, if I were your neighbor, I would just assume the girl has mental issues.

If I were you though, I would definitely tell people she is my STEPdaughter. Followed with a straight face and, "She's special."

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I was wondering if they would assume that, tbh. If she actually did I wouldn't be embarrassed. But there's no explanation other than she's weird and BMs family is really effing weird.

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Maybe she's a lycan?

I have read some articles about people doing this at a certain time as way to thank health care workers, and to relieve stress. But, yeah, riding around the neighborhood, howling at everyone is weird.

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I did tell him it was embarrassing and to tell her to stop. He said okay, so we'll see if he follows through I guess.