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At least its not just me

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I mentioned in my last couple blogs that the attention seeking with SD has been at a high again. I havent said anything about it to DH, mostly just ignoring it.

When we went to the inlaws this weekend FIL, SIL and DH all told her more than once some version of knock it off or that's enough about her begging for attention. Hanging on people's legs, constantly interrupting anyone having a conversation etc. DH even mentioned it on the way home.

Honestly, it was nice getting some validation that yes she is actually being obnoxious and its not just me being the mean stepmom.

The weekend went better than expected overall. The only stupid comment MIL made was about the fact that my due date is the same week as SDs bday and it was clear she was upset about that. I've been waiting for some kind of comment about that from her and I could tell from DHs reaction he was too. 


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of spanking.  Two verbal warnings then a smack to cut it out.   Hanging on people's legs?  Constantly interrupting?  Two warnings and then a smack.  Problem solved.

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Careful lol...spanking is a controversial subject on here today.

It does get really old and honestly it's far from normal behavior for her age. Idk how she doesnt seem phased at all by people telling her to knock it off. 

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I dont doubt at all that you're right about that being at least part of it. She was definitely taught she was the center of the universe at critical ages.