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The dread before skid week

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In the last 3 weeks I've only seen skid for a total of about 8 hours. She doesnt come back until Monday and the dread and anxiety is already through the roof just thinking about next week since DH just brought up what she wanted for her bday (which we will be celebrating this week). Its a catch 22 - longer break is nice but then it's even worse when its over.

So not only will this be the first week I have to deal with her since YDS was born, but I also get to watch her being catered to more than usual for the bit's over. She told DH she wanted books for her bday - even though she doesn't really like reading. But she thought that was what DH wanted to hear. Of course even that little small thing reaffirms that she is The Greatest Child in the World. And of course we have to run around town to find the exact gifts that SD wants (video games etc addition to the books) even though for YDS bday DH got him one thing on amazon for only $15 AND he already had MIL buy SD a bike for her bday which was about 3x the cost of what they got YDS for his bday (and way more than I've seen them spend on any of the other grandkids for that matter).



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Yupppp...extended breaks are so nice, but just when you’re getting used to it and really enjoying it, they’re baaaack! Good luck to you...try to plan something you can look forward to

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Good. One day your sons will ask DH why he buys better gifts for their sister than for them, and then he can deal with that.

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That's the conclusion I've come to - especially with MIL (it'll be interesting in a few years when SD doesnt want rummage sale clothes and bday parties and sleepovers from gma anymore and the younger kids have little attachment to her) but it's so hard to bite my tongue in the meantime.