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BM "april fools" SIL

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My SIL has a husband with two children from his prior marriage.  They took a family vacation out of state for their anniversary on
April 1st.  He did NOT have his kids that weekend.

I guess while they were gone BM texted him on their anniversary that his son fractured his arm in hockey practice and wanted him to come home right away. 

Her DH didn't tell her this until after because he didn't want to ruin their anniversary....but it turned out to be a "April Fool's Joke".

Why anybody would JOKE about a child being injured is beyond me.  Especially since they were out of state and had taken an's not like he could get home quickly.


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Oh wow... I just don't even have words for that!! Can you imagine if they jumped on the next flight out or something to rush to be with SS?? 

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Ah, these bitter women never run out of ideas of how to torture their ex husbands.  She should have made it sound more life-threatening, though - who cuts their vacation short for a broken arm?