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Update SD and Group Home

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Sd has been in the new group home now for almost 2 months.  She has had a couple of behavioral issues while she has been there.  She hasn't been kicked out yet,  I am impressed.

She seems to like this home.  I did find out that she does have either a tablet or a phone there and she uses it for internet connections. SD's sister helps SD steal BM's credit card to pay for it.   I am not sure if she is allowed to have access to internet there or not.  I am assuming NOT.  I doubt the group home would want to be responsible for her actions on the internet.  Trust, me...noone would want that kind of responsiblity.  She doesn't do well with internet.  She shouldn't have access to the internet at all, my opinion.  She also is the oldest child there.  She is 16 years old and the other kids are around 12.  It scares me to death, she likes to touch other kids sexually.  One of the reasons she will NEVER be allowed in my house.  I can't take that chance with my BS.   I just can not imagine a group home putting her with younger girls if they knew about it. I am sure it was one of those "small" things that BM probably didn't mention.  I am not sure who to contact or I would call myself. The director just didn't seemed to care when I called.   Sd is also a bully. These younger kids are a dream come true for SD.

To me, this group home is helping SD it is actually enabling her behaviors.  She plays inappropriately online and she plays inappropriately with the younger kids. It is a win, win for SD.  

She has had three counselors in less than 3 months.   The home can not seemed to find a counselor who is willing to stay there more than a month or so at a time.  To me, that is a very bad sign.  She isn't getting the help that she needs.  Since she likes being at the group home and will be there for until at least next summer, BM will not be contacting DH to come get SD because she is misbehaving.  Every time she does that, I have to remind DH that he can go and get SD BUT she is NOT coming here.  

The group home that she was in prior to this one was a locked down facility.  BM and DH didn't like it but they did seemed to show SD that her actions have consequences whether good or bad.



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*shok*  She likes touching younger children sexually?

Oh my - I am so glad I don't have to deal with any of that.

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BM has been aware of this for years.  BM never informed us at all until about a month or so ago. I really do not think she intended for us to know.  SD's counselor told DH and DH mentioned to BM.   I am so happy that SD has not been at my home for years due to false abuse charges on DH.  

I just can not imagine why anyone professional or not would want to put her with younger kids.

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They obviously don’t know about the touching desires of SD. Have you or DH let the group home know?

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I have talked to the Director but she didn't seemed to care.  The director was actually given a report from the Counselor at the other group home that stated that SD likes to touch sexually. DH was also given this report as well.

It does seem that the director and BM have a different definition of touching sexually than I do. I can't imagine any type of "sexual" touching being appropriate behavior.   The report does state specifically that it is "sexual" touching.  It seems that the counselors are going to be working with SD and helping her with this issue.  

Personally,  I  think that SD would provide a HUGE liablity to this place.  You would think that they would rather keep the other girls safe and tell BM to get individual counseling for SD. I was informed that SD does have an adult chaperone.  As everyone knows, unless this person has her eyes on SD 24/7, the kids aren't safe from her touching.