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OMG...Get this

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Just got a call from school nurse. SD is there complaining of headache, dizzy spells, blurred vision, and difficulty breathing :jawdrop: ....They can not get ahold of DH or BM, I am next on list...Tried to tell them things going on, they insist someone picks her up. Called DH when got off phone, he answered and said he saw it was the school and was hoping they wouold not get ahold of someone, well DH they got me and you have to go pick her up. I can not leave. He was BULLSHIT!!!!! Told me i'll take care of it, I'm calling her therapist for emergency session. My responce...GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Before he hung up he tells me once again...This is not going to mess up our weekend no matter what she does, I promise you that!!!!

It better not!!!!!


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All she is doing is escalating. Typical toddler tantrum behavior. If you and DH stand your ground with her drama then she will learn that her tantrums won't work.

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I would drop her off a mental hospital for the weekend....sorry my horns are showing.

So you guys have big plans? Have fun!!!

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OH THAT kniving, maniupulative bitch....please please tell me where you live so I can go over and slap the shit out of her!!!

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It is ridiculous...Seriously!!!! This kid keeps this mental shit up her father will be commiting her...Doesnt she get this....I mean really...Its a fucking weekend!!!! URGGGGGG

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If I was her bio, I'd tell her I'd pick her up for school and take her to the doctor. But if the doctor didn't find anything serious wrong, she was going to hate me and hate her life, because anything she like and wanted to do would be taken away.

Cell phone? TV? Outings with friends? HA!

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I have an idea.

What privelages does this 16 year old enjoy? Because it sounds like she has some "serious health problems" and should probably be "confined to bedrest" until some of these health issues are resolved. I would consider seriously curtailing her freedoms until she was "feeling better".

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My SS13 is generally a good kid, but he used to be a real hypocondriac...before DH and his kids moved in, if SS was sick and stayed home from school, he got to play video games all day. He is a video game addict, so you can imagine how that went.

When they moved in here, I let them know that when we stay home sick from school or work, there is no TV, no screen time, no handhelds, no cell phone use, etc. It's serious sick time. As in you need to be on the verge of hospitalization to stay home. Not eating Pop Tarts and playing Halo.

So when SS would feign sick, I would put him in bed with the lights off, put a cool rag on his head, deliver him ibuprofin every 4 hours, and make sure he got plenty of nothing but broth and dry toast and ginger ale. It's amazing how much healthier he is these days! It's a miracle! lol

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DH just called me got apt. with peditrician if nothing is wrong she is going back to school. GOOD JOB DH!!!!!

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i'd be slapping the shit out of her when you guys confirm she has no real problem. then treat her like cinderella,,,,chores chores chores out her ass make her life a living hell

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i'd also find someway to make her pay for the unnecessary medical expenses EX: copay, and anything from the dr visit the ins doesn't pay, the gas for unnecessary travel, time off work and for just flat having to put up with the bs.

take away any phones, and hawk for the $$, cd's any luxury she has, i'd pawn off to literally reimubrse for the bs.

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i wouldn't, i'd take her kicking and screaming and tell her that since she decided to get smart she WONT be going on any family vacations for a year because she going to be stuck with family making up for the bs, doing yard work, writing apology letters. she needs her ass kicked

for those that have "entitled young ones" get a grip on them now or this is what you get to look forward to

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I have always lurked but returned back to this site in the last couple of months and even I am excited about you going away and feel the need to shake SD alittle...hang in there, let him do what he needs to do...maybe your husband can be my hero? Blum 3

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Dh called me again...He is so Bullshit he cant even stand it. he wanted to leave her in school but they wont allow it....

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I can see where the school is coming from. They have a lot of liability of something was actually wrong with her and they allowed her to stay. They're probably aware she's got a screw loose. Worried about what she might do and how that might bite them in the ass.

She could come home and if she's not bedridden, she would be working her ass off on chores until I could find a mental hospital that would accept her.

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If the school s that worried about liability, shouldn't they be transporting SD to a hospital and not playing phone tag with her parents? I mean, if she was having a stroke, the school is wasting precious time.

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What if DH just say he can't come get her? They can say all they want they are not letting her stay, but if he simply refuses what are they going to do?

Just FYI, my mom did this with my sis, and she told them she was physically incapable of picking her up, and that if they felt my sis's life was in danger, they could take her to the hospital...but since me mom didn't have insurance, she couldn't pay for it.

My sis stayed at school and nothing happened. Granted, my mom didn't win parent of the year for that one, and the school hated for thought.

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So if a kid presents with evidence of a stroke, and they can't get ahold of the parents, the kid gets to bide their time in the nurses office, doing irreparable damage to their brain function, instead of going to a hospital?

Sounds messed up.

I know my sis was hit in the head with a discus at a track meet, and school took her to the emergency room because they couldn't get in touch with my parents.

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I think the time has come to look at a residential facility. She needs help or at least to live somewhere else.

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Ill keep you posted when he is done with Dr. Cant wait to hear this one....UNREAL>>>>>>glad I'm working till 7....Called my parents there keeping my poor son till I get home...He doesnt have to deal with this shit thats for sure...

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I want to put that snot in a padded cell! REALLY! Have you prepared your parents for what this girl is capable of?

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NAH, in THIS case, she's old enough that if she continues parents can talk to the local police station, when she gets all screamy and physical (what ever she does) have her arrested for disturbing the peace and spend the night in jail i highly doubt she'll think she's big enough to take on the women in a jail cell

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god i hope not, i was raised "you're big enough to get yourself in, your big enough to get yourself out" as a parent of a minor i'd be asking for "no bond, spend entire sentence behind the bars" o and better make sure your grades don't plumet as a result either, or you'll be grounded when you get out

yeah i'm a hard ass

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well, as long as she can stay there, seriously this child is mental, i don't know if i'd want her roaming the streets if they only kept her overnight. and that would probably be too much for dh to ignore on his relaxing weekend away!

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i mean when a parent is around. as far as right now, just make her life a living hell, take all luxuries, pawn them off at cheapest possible (so she has to pawn off all that she has) and hand over the cash to pay for the dr visit, gas expense, and for just having to put up with her.

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WARNING: This trick has limited usage.-LOL

if you do this have another car ready to take and that is packed. i imagine this snot is going lock herself in the car.

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call the police to come get her out and claim theft (denying the owner access to something they own is technically theft) let them take her over night

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nah, i've seen it more than i should (not personally) but kids who are out of control, as long as parents consent, cops can treat them JUST LIKe a criminal-hand cuffs, ride in the back of the car, all that goes with being a jail bird

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Unbelievable. What a little witch! In the future, do not answer the phone if school calls.

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Isn't this the same child who ruined your 40th birthday not too long ago?

My SD became a friggin' nightmare at 16. She is now 19 and is still a daddy's brat girl. Thank goodness seh goes away to college.

What you need here is a PET (psychiatric evaluation team) intervention. You really need to call the therapist and tell them ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

I believe this is the same girl who needed an "emergency" session on your birthday. Funny how it is now rearing its head again as you get a weekend away.

DH needs to get tougher. She really does need some extra help. Even if BM has rejected her or WHATEVER the case is...a girl her age needs to acknowledge the hurt and learn to C-O-P-E. No one is saying it isn't sad. What kid doesn't want a perfect life with mom and dad? She is going over the edge quick.

I agree with many posters above. She needs to be treated as if she is "sick". No technology and no anything...strict bedrest and some valium.

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I would feel sorry for her if she truly had a bad anxiety disorder. But her anxiety "attacks" always seem to coincide with special events. That's not medical...that's manipulative.

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o another option, if the dr says "all's ok" take her right back to school instead of taking her home-when she gets home-treat her like she's sick

"honey, since you werent' feeling good today, it's tomato soup for dinner (or whatever she absolutely hates that's good for upset stomach's), i took your tv and phone where they cannot disturb you while you rest, after you eat, it's time for bed"

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:jawdrop: If I ever acted like that, my mom would have beat me. Even at 16 she would have beat me. There would be no toleration of that behavior. I agree that your SD needs some mental help! She needs to be committed for the weekend. After being with people with some serious disorders, maybe she will realize how good she has it and stop acting like a baby.

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Daisy- Im glad your DH isnt taking/falling prey to her antics!!! It sounds like he has also had enough of this crap and her antics of tryint to manipulate everything her way..

Im with Ripley- I think those long drawn out talks with SD are over. She played 'sick' take away everything (Like Draco recommended) in her room, no computer, electronics, phone..make her read her school books and rest..cause thats what sick girls need...haha..

& Id have DH say "we are going regardless of your antics, and I KNOW they are just to manipulate my wife & i into not doing things together as a couple..ITS NOT GOING TO WORK..your games are over.

And then he needs to NOT engage her in 'talk' about it..she needs to get over herself already..

ohhhhhh...keep us posted (My SS10 is Just Like Her!! We are working hard on breaking these habits..right now we are past the 'talking' about its MORE chores you do around the house.. One Whine = One more chore...2=2 more, etc. Last visit SS10 was walshing the walls like crazy...hahaha...hey, but IT WORKS!!)

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PLEASE, insist with your dh that because of all this he MUST MUST MUST promise to keep the phone OFF the entire wknd.
You turn off yours-give grandma the hotel n and tell her to call ONLY in the even someone has been hospitalized for injury/accident.

OTHERWISE-if she pretends to get sick she can call her mother to come pick her up. Maybe gma can take advantage and try and talk some sense into this idiot whiny little bitch.

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And this would also be the last time I EVER told her about my plans in advance.

If she doesn't know about them, she won't be able to screw them up.

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People use certain behaviors because they gain something from it. As long as they are getting what they want/need by acting a certain way, they have no reason to change the behavior. Basic psychology.

Your SD has been "rewarded" in a sense by behaving this way. She has been rewarded with getting to jump back and forth to whichever parent she felt like hanging out with, getting to hang out with adults all the time and be apart of adult conversations and decisions, getting to call ALL the shots in her homes, getting constant attention because "poor SD has anxiety and health problems", special appointments all focused on her, getting to stay home from school whenever she "wasn't feeling well", on and on and on and on.

As soon as her behavior in no longer working for her (ie...gaining something from it), it will stop. That theory works for humans, dogs, any animal you can train. She needs to stop being "rewarded" for her behavior. Even if your DH can't see how he has been rewarding her, you need to point out how he has...rewards don't just come in material gifts.

No more changing plans for her, no more taking her to do adult activities (like buying patio furniture), no more letting her call any shots, no more letting her butt in to adult conversations. Any time she is "sick", she lays in bed and the only activity she gets to do is read. No more staying home from school. Every time you get a call from the school, she get picked up, taken straight to the doctor for an exam, and then right home to bed for the rest of the day. You need to make this clear to DH. She WILL stop doing it when it's not working for her anymore.

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Forestfairy- you are SOOOOOOO right!! My DH is JUST now starting to get all of this!! I wish he woulve undestood this a long time ago.

My SS10 always wants to 'hang out' with the adults. Not just only at our house (boy is it annoying) but also at family functions. At the last Thanksgiving with DH's famiy, SS10 was 'caught' spying on all of us adults around a corner in another room. Several people including MIL, SIL, etcc were disturbed by the annoyance he puts us thru (and finally saw it firsthand for themselves).

He wants to be treated like an adult..he is only 10!!! We are tying to get him back into the mindset of a ten yr old, but boy oh boy, its hard to do!!

I surely dont want to be dealing with this when he is 13,etc..

I hope you have a GREAT time this weekend..and uh..ditch the cell phone Smile (OH, sorry, musta had no reception where we were) Smile Smile