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I'M BACK!!!!!!

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I am officially back!!!! My vaca was AWESOME!!!!

OMG my son and i had such a wonderful time. It was relaxing, totally stress free. We went para sailing, I had a hot stone massage, my son went on a bannana boat twice, we went swimming with dolphins, snorkling, it was the best!!! Mostly we sat by the pool and on the beach. There was no agravation, no BULLSHIT!!!!! OMG much needed.

Then I came home!!!!! NEED I SAY MORE!!!!! SD16 was sleeping, thank god. We came in around 1am yesterday. So the drama started this morning. I didnt have to be at work till this afternoon so i took SD to school. She woke up made her breakfast, I sat and had my coffee while I read the paper and then looked at the time and said ready to go? She looked at me and said "your taking me to school?" Yep i am....She said "GREAT!!!" guess your back now....I am kid, I am back with a smile on my face and she just rolled her eyes. i dropped her off while she didnt say 2 words to me then got out of the car. I rolled down the window and said "SD, SD, she turned and I said with a smile have a great day!!!!! Whatever was her responce.

On my vacation I decided to come back with a new outlook....I am done getting agravated with a child that is not mine. i will not be going out of my way for her what so ever. And if I can ignore her as much as possible that is what i intend to do.

My son and my family had such a great 9 days i can not even describe it. All I can say is it was an AMAZING, relaxing, awesome trip.....ready to plan the next one!!!!!


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I was thinking about you the other day. I am so glad you had such a great time!!! Ignore that evil bitch, thats what I have been trying to do with SD15.

Good for you!!!

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i've been thinking of you too! so glad you had a great time.

swimming with dolphins! i'm uber jealous...would love to do that!

what was it like?

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It was amazing...everything was awsome....I went para sailing, thought I was going to shit myself but once we were in the air it was so beautiful. Swimming with the dolphins was great. they came up to you to kiss you but the smell was something to be desired, but worth it....

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It sounds like such I great time. I'm envious! And I'm glad you came back with a new outlook. Ignoring her really will make things easier. I disengaged from mine more than a year ago and it has helped immensely Smile

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Welcome back. I am happy to hear you had a great vacation. You needed one after dealing with SD. Now, just ignore her.

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Sounds perfect! I don't even talk to SD because of those eye rolling, whatever responses.

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I have been waiting for you to return...I was waiting to hear what the first thing was the SD did when you got back...

Stand tough. Hopefully this trip cleared your mind and body of stress.

All I can say is that I truly believe the SDs get worse as they get older...not better. Keep your wits about you!

Glad you had a good time!