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BM and her Dogs...

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On Friday BM posted that her dogs were going to a rescue. She thanked some girl for helping her... Cool, no reason to live in your car now.

Saturday, BM's dad and stepmom show up at SS's basketball game, they had planned on taking him to lunch between that game and his baseball game that was a few hours later. Well, turned out that SS's basketball team was short SEVERAL players and SS played the entire game (they only had 4 guys, other team had 12... We still be them 43-25 Wink ) So he was exhausted and wanted to go home and shower and rest before baseball. Grandparents understood and went to lunch without him. Her SM tells me in the mean time that BM was supposed to be at the game and go to lunch with them... she no showed. She was supposed to show up at baseball, no showed again. No big surprise. She starts texting ME during SS's game asking if I will please tell her dad that she isn't coming, some stupid story about some bullshit that was a lie and I don't remember. Turns out she texted DH too, but she didn't ASK him to tell her dad, she TOLD him "tell my dad I'm not coming". Uhhhh. No.
Then she asks me if she can see SS after the game. I reply "he has plans". What about tomorrow? "He has a double header". How about for breakfast "let me ask him, maybe". After his game I ask SS if he wants to go to breakfast with her. He says something along the lines of wanting to spend ONE HOUR with her, and then come home. So, I relayed the information to her. He said he has ONE HOUR free in the morning. So, she picks him up at 9 the next morning. She actually came to the door. She still looks like hell. SS hugs me on his way out the door and says "I'll see you in an hour, right". Yes kiddo, one hour.

Today BM posts on her FB that she was living in her car with her dogs, but then they both got loose and she couldn't find them. Now she is "so broken". One of them is at the pound and she can't afford to get her out, and the other is still missing. She also posted a picture of a painting of a woman throwing herself off a cliff. Threatening suicide? I'm not sure about that one. She commented on the post about her dogs "Please don't leak this to my son, I will find you and it won't be nice. It will destroy him more than me".

Seems to me, if you don't want someone (anyone) to know something, DON'T POST IT ON FACEBOOK!!! Deh.


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She is the most selfish person I have ever met in my life. Our shelter is WAY over crowded, she has been fearful of them going there because they will put them to sleep if they aren't adopted in a timely manner. I'm not sure of the specifics of all of that though.

SS is so much better off with us. He always has been. All she is doing now, is proving us right.

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You are absolutely correct. She just hasn't wanted to put in the effort. Too busy with the fast life. In fact, when people would comment about helping her she would respond "can you call them for me?". What??? Are you kidding me?

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She's pathetic. Those poor dogs. This really p*sses me off. And Wtf is she doing posting this on fb?!

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I hate that she puts on the MOTY act and she sees him MAYBE 1 hour a week now. She posted a picture from one of his baseball games yesterday. She snagged it off one of the other mom's FB page. Of course she didn't make mention that she didn't TAKE the picture. She just commented "My #1"... WOW REALLY???? Sure seems to me like YOU are your NUMBER 1!!

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That's DH's call.But as far as I go, no more BM. AT ALL. When she was texting me about her dad, I didn't respond. I won't be assisting her with anything again. When I read that this morning, I made the decision, she can attempt to go through DH, who is even more fed up with her crap than I am. I am done!