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This should be interesting...

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Well, this weekend should be interesting. It's been about a month or so since the last time we had the skids on a weekend (which I have been LOVING), and this weekend, they're both in trouble because SS13 is failing American History and SS11 has been getting into fights at school, so they're both grounded from their technology. SS13 I don't think will be too hard to deal with in that aspect, but SS11 is ADDICTED to technology, as is DH, so I have a feeling he'll cave because they'll be brats and forget which house they are residing in because it's been so long since they've been here. I told him they're not, like, old-school grounded where they can't come out of their rooms except to eat and go to the bathroom, so we should take advantage of the great Colorado weather this weekend and go take the dogs for a hike since everyone could use some fresh air and mountain-y awesomeness. Plus the drive there and back alone will take a couple of hours out of the day. He said "we'll see" which means "no" in DH speak. The skids are also supposed to be cleaning their disgusting bathroom this weekend since it's gross and I refuse to go in there even if I have diarrhea and our bathroom is already occupied by DH. Betcha they'll leave this weekend and that bathroom is still going to look like a haunted house. Welp, I'm just going to do my thing by going to the tanning bed so I can work on my base tan for my trip to Key West next weekend, do my nails, finish up some work, and go to the gym, and DH can fight with them all he wants to, but I'll be participating in none of that.


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That sounds like a good idea. I think an important part of coping with all the stress of being a stepmother is taking care of ourselves, both physically and emotionally.