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Teenaged boys are the most disgusting things on earth

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Why oh why do teenage boys have SUCH a problem with taking showers? Is it just my skids, or do other people have this problem too? DH has been telling SS13 to take a shower for at least 3 hours now. He just left to take them home and SS13 STILL hasn't showered AND put his clothes on OVER his disgusting footie pajamas he's been wearing for the last few days because he's been actually sick (not fake sick like he is most of the time), so technically, he didn't even get dressed today. SS11 is just as bad, I'm actually surprised he even managed a shower today, but I think it was because DH wasn't going to let him eat his lunch until it happened, and don't ever try to withold food from SS11 because he is a Garbage Pail Kid who eats everything in sight that isn't nailed down. These kids fight taking showers like they think they'll be gassed instead of cleaned if they go in. They are seriously gross, and apparently they don't care at all. DH and I were talking about it one day when we were child-free and even he said SS11 especially has a way of just reeking out of every pore. I'm actually mildly okay with SS11 stinking because I feel like this MIGHT prevent him from becoming a father at the age of 15, but I don't get why being clean has to be such an epic battle every single time. SS13 said he'd take a bath when they got back to BM's house, but I'd be willing to bet my bank accounts that when he gets home, he'll tell BM that he already showered here and she'll believe him, even though she'll probably smell otherwise. They're so gross.


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I have boys. What you have mentioned is not normal for my home but may be normal for those ages. 11 and 13 is still young, they still need guidance. I have a 10 year old that has no problem showering or washing his hands. In fact, I have the opposite problem. My kids walk around smelling like a Hollister store or a whole can of Axe. I have to hide it from my 10 year old becuase he will empty the entire can on his underarms.

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Oh, no, I have that problem too when the skids decide they'd rather be 19th Century French and just throw some cologne on over their stench, so they smell like grossness and Obsession. Of course, they always put way too much on.

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My SD12stb13 is the same way with showering. You can't bribe her into showering. She has no interest in it whatsoever. She'd rather just sit around being smelly. And boy does she smell. She inherited her BO from SO, that's for sure. When they haven't showered, they smell like Italian subs. Blech.

She used to not be so bad. It used to be a mild struggle to get her in, but, if you tried to get her out of the shower? Forget about it. She'd be in there for hours just using up all the hot water. But, now? Totally different. She will hem and haw, taking her sweet time getting into the shower only to barely rinse herself off with water and claim that she's clean.

Ew. You're not clean. You're just wet.

The entire time that she was here this summer (a month) she barely used any shampoo or body wash in the shower. It was rather disgusting. After a couple of weeks I didn't really want to go within a couple of feet of her the smell got that bad.

One day, we went to the library after we picked her up from summer camp. On the way back to the car from the library, it started pouring rain so we all got drenched. After we got into the car she said, in complete seriousness, "Well, at least now I don't have to shower when we get home." (She took swimming every day at school and SO wanted her to shower every evening in order to get all the chlorine out of her hair and off of her skin).

SO and I just looked at each other and simultaneously said "EW!"

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Oh, they don't listen to anyone but me, but it's because I don't play that mess. But since I've decided to disengage, now there's no one around to reinforce and give consequences, so oh well.

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I have two sons... 14 & 18.
They each shower daily.

However, the impetus arrived when they "discovered" girls. 11 is too young to really care about that yet. Wink

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My SD12(STB13) is just like that. This is the first year she will wash herself without my reviewing "under arms and butt and feet must be soaped up and wash your face".

HOwever, she will not bathe all weekend nor brush her teeth all weekend...and when she showers every night on school nights, she will never wash her face! She doesn't wash her face in the morning and doesn't wash her face in the shower. I ask her, doesn't your face feel gross and dirty and oily after a shower???

When I say "WASH YOUR FACE" she rolls her eyes and huffs I knoooowwwwwwww, but still doesn't do it. DH told me to stop reminding her and let her get her face all nasty and covered in acne then she will perhaps consider washing her face. I hate to let it go like that, but maybe he's right. He also said for me to stop making her bathe and put on deodorant that she would start doing it after people at school are grossed out and humiliate her. I don't want her to go through that, but maybe he's right.

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That's what we're hoping will work with SD12stb13. Kids can be rude little buggers about things like that, unfortunately, but if the kid won't shower on their own, then, maybe some remarks about BO from kids her age will get her to start showering more regularly or more carefully. We'll just have to see if it worked come spring time when SD visits again.'s picture

I have a 14 year old bio son and yeah, this is normal. He got a girlfriend this year so will finally shower without it being a huge argument. Before that I had to take stuff away from him a lot of the time to get him to do it. He also tried the axe under the arms thing too. So I quit buying him spray deodorant and made him use the stick stuff.

I'm told by friends who have older boys that he will grow out of it!

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This is so wierd to me. Both my kids take showers without a problem. SS could care less, but knows if he is not in the shower by 9:30, he loses his xbox the next day for 24 hours. He won't risk it. BS is a clean freak and takes sometimes two a day. There has to be a repucussion if they won't do it.

Now brushing his hair is a problem for SS before school. If he misses it and his dad catches him, he loses the xbox. Also, I make DH cut his hair short since that helps as well.

I would make fun of them if they smelled, but then I am the stepmom from hell....

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My ds 13 showers every day- always has. I don't even have o remind him. Now does he actually wash in there? Idk. I just kind hope the water is hot enough to wash away the dirt and scum. He wears deodorant daily. Brushes his teeth except when he's not going to school. When he hit middle school,he started grooming himself independently. I can't say he always does the best job, but he at least puts some effort in it. However, I do not hold backin letting him know if he stinks. I think we tiptoe around these poor kids of divorce so much that no one will even bother to tell half these kids how smelly hey are because no one wants to hurt their little feelings

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Oh, I've told them they stink before, but apparently they just don't care. I'm the step-mom from BEYOND hell. Wink This is also a total mystery to DH because he was the kid who took two showers a day as a teenager (and still sometimes does), so I guess they get it from their nasty BM. Wink