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Know what's fun? When DH has a fight with one of his Semen Demons and then takes it out on me!

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Yes, DH and SS11 just had a blowout because SS11 is now so addicted to technology that he "neeeeds it to fall asleep!" The iPods are confiscated at bed time because it has been well established that they will stay up until 3:00 in the morning playing apps ("I'll only listen to the music" they say). SS11's favorite thing to do is fight grown-ups at every turn, so tonight was no different. Afterwards, DH came storming upstairs and started tossing stuff around talking about "Something needs to be done witht this fucking house." Pretty much apropos of nothing at all. Tossing stuff everywhere and doing the loud sigh that usually means he'll be pissed off for days. Also glaring at me. I ignore him when he gets this way because 1) it's stupid, and 2) 3/4 of the mess in this house isn't mine. His damnable spawn make huge messes, which he tells them to clean up, but they never do, and the counter space he's always complaining he doesn't have is because he insists on spreading his work out all over the place and letting his mail pile up. I'm not a neat freak, and my space in the house is a little cluttered, but not insane. I clean the bathroom, I sweep the dog hair regularly, 2/3 of the time I'm the one who does the dishes. I refuse to clean the skids' bathroom because I'm literally afraid to go in there. Maybe if his lazy-ass kids would actually make themselves useful and do some "housework," and what they're told, he'd be less grouchy. he won't, he STAYS mad.


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I know what you mean with the technology. Ss5 is so spoiled and addicted that hehaaaaasssss to have Netflix going at all times our he is a crabby, whiny brat! If we go somewhere like his grandparents he throws himself on the floor when he asks to watch Spongebob and we tell him he can't because it isn't on (they don't have Netflix so it is not on whenever he wants), and screams i just want Spongebob so turn it on! He is constantly along to play video games or play o angry birds on the phone or the nook... It drives me to the end. The damn kid can go a few hours without electronics! I am not scared to tel him that either! I have gone as far as banning any and all forms of electronics for three days and then he had to practice writing his name 15 times before he got them back. He feels like he always has to be multi tasking. He believes he gets reign over the tv and phone and video games. News flash kid, you are the luckiest little boy to even have these things... You need to earn them. You want to act like a baby, you can get rid of your big boy toys and i well glassy give you back you baby toys! And trust me i do still have them. SO thankfully feels the same way. He is a bit more lenient then i am with it but in the end we are together in this one. He doesn't see a problem with letting him watch one or two episodes of a cartoon on the phone in bed add long as he is laying down and being quite, i on the other hand am 100% against it. Why get them in the habit for no reason? Not to mention when it is already past his bed time! I can also relate to the projecting of anger out frustration. If bm and so talk at all, he takes whatever he is feeling out on me. Wish there was a way around it.

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I really never want the Semen Demon's to know they can fire me up, but I'm sure they do. The only things that me and DH argue about is those assholes. I think we all know that. I have a feeling that SS14 gets a kick out of it now, so I try so hard to not fire up. It's hard. I know DH knows that SS14 is an asshole, too. DH is hot and cold. One minute - he is asking SS14 to stop being a jerk - but if I call out his rudeness, suddenly that kid is a saint to DH. Such bullshit.

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DH almost NEVER takes stuff out on me, but for some reason last night was the exception. Like I said, I just ignored him and fell asleep without saying good-night. He woke up a little better this morning because he knew it was wrong. I HATE the fact that kids are getting so addicted to technology these days, it's so annoying. I'm sure it's part of why the school of thought is that when these kids' generation grows up, 1/2 of them will be overweight or obese (at least in America). Why should they get outside and exercise or do anything good for them or creative if they can have a video game do it for them?

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Semen demon - OMFG I have to remember that one too.

Sorry you have to put up with that bullshit though. Sad