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Special Ed Epic Fail Report for SD16

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Backstory: I happen to firmly believe that NONE of Chef's kids are "learning disabled." It's a smoke screen for lazy-assed parenting, IMHO. Even the "special ed" reports make statements such as:

"SD16 will do well if it's something she's INTERESTED in."


You can say that about EVERYONE!! There's a little matter of DISCIPLINE and that LIFE IS NOT ALL FUN AND JOLLIES that has been forgotten over the last almost 40 years or so.

You may not CARE for doing something BUT YOU DO IT ANYWAY!!!

So in "AIS" Math, SD received a 48 on her final exam, yet miraculously pulled off a 65. (65 is passing) In English, she pulled off an amazing 65 on her final exam.

Way to go guilty parents everywhere!!