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Conclusion – A Christmas gift for BM

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So Christmas has come and gone and I think it’s safe to reveal what BM’s xyz gift was. Please see earlier blogs for the full story:

A Christmas gift for BM

Update – A Christmas gift for BM

On Christmas Eve DH, the Boys and I are opening our presents. SS13 hands DH his present from SS13 and SS9. DH opens it and gives me a WTF-look, DH then turns to SS13 (who’s all smiles by the way) and says the following:

“SS13, you DON’T have to get your mom and me the same gift!!!!”

DH got a pair of ski gloves w/Omni-heat material from ssons. The same kind that ssons gave BM (and DH ran all over h*ll and creation to procure). :barf:

DH owns a million pairs of ski gloves since we ski regularly. I suggested he return them but DH said no.

Now DH, BM and SS13 all have matching gloves. Isn’t that sweet? :barf:

When I pointed this out to DH he wasn’t too happy. I’ve buried these gloves under all the other ski gear, I’m sick of looking at them. }:)

BM wasn’t happy about the gloves either.



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OMG that's pretty funny! Do you think SS13 gave them the same gift so that they would all match? Or was he just trying to keep things even?

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Lostinthemadness-I think it's funny too! I was LMAO when DH showed them to me. I had a great time teasing DH Smile

ThatGirl-I think it's a little of both plus a 13 y.o. (and a 9 y.o.) who is too lazy to think of a nice gift for each parent.