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YAY for sales & things working out for the better!

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This happened a couple of weeks ago, but I just HAD to share!

SO & I went to Wal Mart to pick up something for MIL & I asked him to walk through the toy section with me to ensure that we were on the same page as far as SS’s (almost 9) upcoming birthday & how much we were planning on spending on his gifts.

When we arrived in the toy section, to my surprise, most of the toys SS wanted were ON SALE! When I say on sale, I mean some of them were over 50% off! I was so excited! SO was agitated because we didn’t have much money at that point, but hell, you can’t pass up on these kinds of deals! I had coffee money saved up so I used that & DONE…it was so perfect! The coffee money is another story entirely, but I have to say that SO was upset that I used it because the coffee money is his way of paying me back for being an ass last year when it came to CS money & BM Nasty.

In total, we spent $50.00 & got him just about EVERYTHING he wanted! We also found a UFC Backpack he had wanted for school, but they had sold out...that was on sale too!

SS’s birthday gifts are-
Ben 10 something or other (normally 35.00, bought for 15.00)
Dragon Universe with a spaceship AND dragon (normally 45.00, bought for 18.00)
Two HUGE Bakugan things which were also on sale
UFC Backpack
Atlantis Lego set (was NOT on sale, but I’m not complaining!)

I’m so excited that we were able to get everything on his list (yes…he has a list). We were worried about it because of how tight money has been. I’m so happy how it all worked out!

My brothers (2 of them, plus their families) are getting him Atlantis Lego sets…the kid is SET!

Now, fingers crossed, I can manage the same thing with SD's birthday in 2 months...


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This is a great time for discounted toys because stores are trying to make room for all the new Christmas toys. I stock up for all the birthday parties my kids get invited to.

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That is great, I love a good deal and I always try to buy ahead. Toys r us is having clearance right now to make room for christmas so you might want to look there. I got SS8 all of his Christmas gifts already because kung zhu sets were on clearance and then buy one get one on top of that, for like 50 bucks I got 5 big sets for him and the battle arena. I would look and see if maybe they had some girl stuff for the same deals.