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Car Evicted from Garage for SS Toys

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Give up garage for toys? I hope not! Two years ago I cleaned out, painted & organized 2 car garage to fit 1 car (esp. during snow season). It took me 2 years to get permission (I HATE SAYING THAT TOO) from DH as he said it wasn't convenient to use the garage to park a car in. After my one month strike he apologized & relented. Then I did all the work myself. Today I was told by stepson: my 4 wheeler & dirt bike are coming here Sat. I can't wait! I was quickly baited and replied: you can't put them in the garage, there's no room, I park there. He opened the door, checked garage, and said, yes - there's opening for them on left. Firstly, I was promised by DH when stepson got these "toys" at BM's that we would never have them at our house (sm. yard, illegal to ride on public road). She's got her house up for sale, tons of junk in storage & told DH: yeah-I've got no room for them w/house for sale...when I rebuy I'll do blah blah blah. I told DH I fought hard & fair for the right to park in snow & I'm not giving it up. He yelled at me: "what's your point exactly". I replied: I am not taking two steps back. First the dog (w/o my input), now I'm evicted from the garage for toys? Those marriage vows are looking kind of shabby these days for me.

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I say get one of those really nice car covers for outdoors and pile the 'toys' underneath somewhere will look trashy but at least you'll have your garage.i despise parking on car gets so dusty and beaten up by all the sun.i refuse to give up my garage for anyones toys.good luck!

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There is no way I would give up my garage space. If I had to, I might as well go back to my house. Stuff like this is the reason that house is rented and not sold.

Stand your ground. Do not budge on this. SS should have it stored somewhere until mommy moves....

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U Suck - That's what was written in the frost on my car this morning. I was hurt, then pissed, then back full-circle to ME. I refuse to allow the graffitti to ruin my day. I spoke to DH about it, he said: how could SS1 have done it, must have been SS2? This is their mantra (he did it not me!) Well I am definitely keeping my garage space. Since my car is not secure in the driveway I will be parking overnight in the garage from this day forward. Told DH that and not to ask swins or mention the graffitti that I'd rather not join the circus over this incident but chose to park in the garage full-time to protect my asset best I can. They can win all the battles they want, I'm winning the war. Surrender swins-I won the garage, DH said so. :sick: