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SS Lies Hurt Me but I'll Survive

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Last night I was in-charge while DH was in city trng. for new job. Swins playing bktball, 1/2 way through they get rough, one fouls the other whatever...20 minutes go by, its the game point - swin (aka the dog abuser/ADD swin) comes in w/red face while I'm making dinner. I ask him if he's hurt? He says yeah, my ankle's twisted and goes upstairs. 15 minutes later DH calls home to tell me to tend to swin, & swin's called BM to complain about me, report DH out for the night,and to pick him up asap b.c. ankle hurts. So I take him up an ice pack & aspirin & he's in the hallway to take it from me. I offer to bring him up dinner but he says he's not hungry. He goes back into his bedroom & calls BM again. I listen in the hallway -- she's tells him "I'm busy, listen to SM, she can help you, I don't have time for this b.s. (w/phone on speaker I hear all). :O He tells her: SM made me get up to answer the door, she won't do anything to help me. HUH? I did not do that!! What a jerk to lie about me to BM. First I was angry, then hurt. I just don't get it. DH let him stay home from school today b.c. he went through so much last night. OMG :jawdrop:

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I would have told SS that I heard what he said and from now on I will not do anything for you if you are going to lie to your mother.

Stop doing everything for him. He needs to earn back your favor. There is no way I would not have walked into the room and told BM on the phone that he just lied to her.

She sounds like she is at least not buying into it.

DH sounds like a fool.

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DH is a total Fool (w/capital F). He's probably coddling him right now to make up for last night's absence.

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Ohhhh, the skid lies through his teeth and feels no shame. Wow. For me, that would be the end of it. As Jsmom said, I would not do anything for him and tell him why. He should be fine with this, since according to him you do nothing for him anyway. What a little turd.