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Ride to Dr for SS16

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Can't he drive himself? Somehow BM & DH both thought I should take time off work today & 1) make him dr appt. 2) take him to dr. appt. I was too busy at work to juggle it in & resent they don't juggle for their own son. I took him last month for issue that turned out to be non treatable. Today he has a sore neck. Woke up yesterday w/it. Magically BM will take him at 3:45. But he's got a car & license. I suggested he take himself and DH looked faint. Skid's 16, "worked" at halloween thingy Fri & Sat. nite. Oh and other twin is missing school tomorrow to get his license. Lucky me gets to take off work & take him. I committed to this a few weeks ago to help out DH that just started a new job 3 weeks ago & in trng. Freaking unreal family I'm involved with.

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You can say no...I do all the time. You are letting them walk all over you and you will resent DH for it and that is detrimental to a marriage. Seriously do not take him to get his license tomorrow. That is a parent's job and not one that has to be done immediately after they turn 16.

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Then DH or I has to drive him to friend's house for ride to school in the morning befure we go to work. Extremely exhausting! Goal is/was to get out of that asap. Although its not on my nickel, DH's mom has it covered (2 cars, & insurance for 1 yr.) I wonder how skids learned entitlement at an early age? I dream both skids drive off into the sunset and live happily ever after. A girl can dream right?

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Same here. We had to put heaps of effort into getting SD16 just to start lessons. Incredible! Also she faked a sicky and it was shaping up for me to take her to the Doctor. Said "oh you should text BM". BM took her. Allelujah. Tantrum and latest trick didn't work. What next? Please try to think on your feet. i have to every day. It is easier for DH and BM if we pick up their slack. Don't do it! I had a whinge recently that I end up juggling work, a 4 year old and then when I have a break, SD16 is sitting around my house not her mums. Mum does not work. Then I put my foot down and said no. Now the rule is if BM and SD are on holiday at the same time, they should be together during the day.

Remember the sad truth is there are no accolades for becoming 2 other parent's outsourced slave, baby-sitter, emotional conscience, nanny, chauffeur, common sense, child entertainer, teenage punching bag................... you know what to do.

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Stick to you current commitment and then cut them off. These children have 2 parents, so let them take care of their own kids. Don't put your career on the line. Your help will not be appreciated by anyone in the long run.