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It IS genetic (update to XSD drama)

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So for those of you that read my blog about XSD (almost 16) , I’ve got an update for you 
SO Skyped with XSD today. The conversation went like this…

SO: I’d really like to see you this summer but your mom said you don’t want to see me? What’s up?
XSD: I didn’t say that…I said I was uncomfortable…but then I’m uncomfortable with HER too so…
SO: Ummm…okay, well you know I’d love to see you…even if it’s just for a couple of hours. I miss you!
XSD: I miss you too!
XSD: You know when we talked & I was upset?
SO: Yes…
XSD: Well, I’m back in Germany & feeling better so I’ll just let you know…I’m upset with EVERYONE! GP decided not to retire just so that he can send me to college…how stupid! You never Skype when I want to…even if you’re at school, you should find a way to talk to me when I’m bored! Mom is selfish & she lies A LOT…she tries to make me hate you…but she’s always lying about everything! I hate GM because she’s SOOOO uncool & won’t let me do what I want to do!
SO: Wow…okay…so basically, you’re saying that you’re mad at everyone because the world isn’t revolving around you like you want it to?
XSD: Well…mom lying has nothing to do with the world revolving around me but everything else does! Why does GP have to work instead of retire?
SO: Apparently, he’s saving money to put you though college XSD, that’s a GOOD thing! Something you should be grateful for!
XSD: No…time spent with him would be much more appreciated!

The rest of it is basically the same…Nasty lied about XSD being mad at SO…the world hates her…yeah…good fun!
This girl is her mother’s child. Expecting the world to revolve around her.

SO would HATE me for saying this but I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad that the GP’s have her & not us…I already have an up & coming NPD diva (SD8)…don’t need the full-blown version!

Holy Hell!


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Well…mom lying has nothing to do with the world revolving around me but everything else does! Why does GP have to work instead of retire?


well at least she recognizes it. that was entertaining! Smile

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Thought this little update would be appreciated.

The "Nasty" women have NO SHAME when it comes to believing that the world should revolve around them...they see no other way for the world to all!


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what is sad is she can't realize that her GP is working so she can go to college...idiot! it's good your dh is seeing his little princess for who she really is. mine is able to see sd10 for the jerkwad she is sometimes and that's really helpful.

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Makes sense. I tried getting my Psychology professor to say that it's more nurture than nature but she wouldn't...she said that studies show that over 60% is nature (genetics)...she also said that she believed that the percentage was low...

There's a reason we can blame biology Smile