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Drama with XSD & Nasty (Part 1)

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I’m sorry that this is so long…this is part 1…

My SO has asked that I post this blog for him…I will post the current issue in a second blog…I figured you could use the history prior to being asked for advice.

SO was married to Nasty for 8 years. She had a daughter when they met who was 4 years old. Nasty & XSD were living with her parents when they met & the GP’s were pretty much raising XSD until Nasty moved out to live with SO once they were married. XSD’s BD was not in the picture, nor were any of her paternal family so SO took on the role, in whole as her dad. He loves her & considers XSD his own & was torn up when he & Nasty divorced because Nasty & Nasty’s parents actively worked to keep now XSD away from him.

SO moved from VA to TX when he & Nasty separated because TX is where his family is. Nasty had no issue with SO taking SS & SD (then 4 & 5) to TX but would not let him take XSD (then 12) with him. Obviously, this is not his daughter & he never adopted her, so he was SOL on that front. He continued sending money to Nasty for XSD’s upkeep (Don’t get me started on THAT! It was stopped within 1 year of their separation.) & called pretty much every day to talk to her & stay involved with her life.

XSD has maternally genetic mental issues. While Nasty was drinking & whoring around, XSD (then 12) quit going to school & stopped eating. She made suicide attempts for attention (overdosed on aspirin…twice), her weight plummeted & she started to self harm (cutting). SO begged Nasty to let him have her but she said no. XSD went from being a chunky 130lb 12 year old to a 98lb kid who looked like a skeleton.

Nasty sent XSD to live with her parents in HI (who have always HATED SO)…Nasty signed over all parental rights to her parents…without SO’s knowledge. They got her into treatment for anorexia & depression…she put on weight & is on anti-depressants. In general, she seems to be a healthy young lady but she still displays quite a bit of NPD & EMO-like behavior.

He “sees” her on Skype at least once a week but has not seen her in person since early 2009.

Her maternal GP’s moved back to VA when XSD was 13…Nasty moved in with them & they were again, one happy family. SO tried every which way from Sunday to see her but her GP’s blocked every attempt. Nasty was no help.

The GP’s moved to Germany (for work) last year & of course, took XSD with them. They are in GA now visiting their family for Spring Break. Nasty is also in GA for the occasion & XSD is ecstatic to be spending time with her.

GP’s are sending XSD to visit Nasty in FL for a month in the summer & SO was once again, hoping to be able to see her…

To be continued…