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BM's brilliant idea (update)

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I mentioned BM Redneck’s brilliant idea in a recent blog. SO has decided that he will not be having a “sit down & clarify” meeting with BM Redneck & the SD’s simply because he doesn’t think it will do any good. He told me that he has SO MUCH he would like to confront BM Redneck about & that doing so in front of the girls would do more damage than good…he doesn’t feel like he can have an open conversation with her as he knows she will not tell the truth. SO’s mother told me she “wanted to go too” if SO had chosen to have the “clarify” meeting because she wants to call all 3 of them (BM, SD14 & SD15) out on crap she’s witnessed throughout the years. I personally think that us not doing this is a wise decision as it can only make our situation uglier unless all parties are willing to “lay it on the table” & move forward with an open & honest attitude.

The funniest part was my SO’s mother’s reaction to the idea…she actually YELLED into the phone “I WANNA GO TOO!!!” LOL she cracks me up!