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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Woo hoo, it's Friday!!! I've been waiting for this day all week. Let's get right to it...

Eff off to:

  • Stores during the holiday season. I loathe crowds.
  • My boss who has, once again, sucked me into decorating our area for Christmas. Eeeeeeeffffffff!!!!!
  • Animal abusers. Recently read about a pair of asshats who tortured a deer. I hope they get their weezers caught in a jawed animal trap and have to chew them off to escape.
  • Human abusers, be it physical or mental. I plan to carry on with posts and ask Admin for a new Forum. 
  • The company who screwed up our Christmas order to my Dad and SM and shipped it yesterday. WTF?! Asshats.


Wishing you all a long and stress-free weekend!


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Eff off to intense seasonal depression that came early this year.   I know you are familiar with the Black Dog and it's one dog I wish would just go away.  

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I was rage-eating last night. At least it was only a big bowl of spring mix lettuce with some walnuts, craisins, and gorgonzola crumbles...

Yeah, the Black Dog is riding shotgun right now. 

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Eff off to:

My hip pain. Idk why it's back, but it feels like I'm being stabbed!
My favotie food places around town keep shutting down... First my favorite taco place, then my favorite pizza place, now the only food truck...

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Hmmm.... do you sleep on your side? If so, you may be sleeping with your hips shifted just enough to cause pain.

I have to be careful sleeping on my right side and stretching out my right leg. I have a tendency to veeeeeery slightly shift my hips - which causes terrible pain. So I curl in the fetal position and carefully extend my right leg - making sure my hips stay in place.

Psssst... that's a sign you need to move to a new town! 

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My eff off is to the Christmas holiday season, it's not my favorite holiday, it never has been ever since I became and adult.

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Right there with you.  I have hated it since childhood and that bad association never went away regardless of what I did.  Eventually I stopped fighting and accepted that I was never going to like the holiday season.  I just grit my teeth and suck it up until it is finally over.

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You, too, susan? My... "irritation" starts rising mid-November and disappears on December 26th.

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Yup.  It starts for me on the day that I go to the grocery store and unexpectedly see Christmas candy and cookies the second I walk through the door.  It seems to get earlier and earlier each year.  Like the day after Halloween.  Move the orange and black and put up the red and green.  Ugh....

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Who dumped off her daughter to us, without any communications, for an undetermined amount of time, with 5 bags of things from her cockroach-infested aartment.

Munchkin is apparently her communications manager.

Eff off to homelessness, for anyone.

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SUPPOSEDLY 2 weeks. We typically do a 5 days on 5 days off, and we were to have her again on Sunday.

Feral Forger was given a HARD NO. But now - Auntie is tryng to "save her" and invited her to the Family Christmas Eve extraveganza.


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Id love full custody. But alas Im not either parent! Get no say so.

egads. steplife.

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I hope your DH can do something to make sure that Munchkin is safe. Emergency full custody???

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Hes an expert eggshell walker - doesnt want to "parte" as in ex parte. Dont rock the boat. dont anger toxic troll. trust him...

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Eff off to the holiday season and having to buy gifts for ungrateful people. 

Eff off to people who harm children in any way - there's a special place in Hell for them. 

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Eff off to the person who lives in my house that puts his dirty laundry on the floor six inches away from the laundry basket, requiring me to step on or around or pick it up so I can get to my closet. Hint: DH and I are the only humans living in the house.

Eff off to the same person who is "checking with his daughter" about our Christmas travel plans. I don't effing need her approval or permission. I don't even want to GO.

And finally, eff off to getting pissy about EVERYTHING this week. (That's directed at me, not DH.)

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Merry, please tell me you are NOT doing your H's laundry. Yes, I deliberately dropped the 'D'. 

You could make your own plans that don't include fatHead, er, H, and his daughter...

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Oh, hell no, I don't do his laundry. H does most of it for both of us, but I do my work clothes (because everything does NOT go in the dryer on high heat). DH is retired, I'm still working, and he's good about doing much of the household stuff. Oh, yeah, he's real good about writing the check to the lawn service and the house cleaning service. He seems to forget that we don't have a daily maid service.

But seriously, I do appreciate all he does. I just want him to pick up his sh!t and not leave it in my way. And I am by no means a neatfreak--just common courtesy, please.

I've already told DH that this is the last year we're handling the holidays like this. The trip to Skidville also includes seeing MY daughter, and I always get more time with her than with the skids. It works out. But it's 1000 miles and my old bones just can't do it anymore. I'm already exhausted, and therefore crabby.

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It IS annoying. I look at it this way... If you tossed something at the trashcan and missed, you don't leave it on the floor. soo...

Dealing with Skid-mas makes things more difficult, IMO.

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Eff off - seriously effing eff off !! - to my cousin.
You rude, self-righteous nosey b!tch.
Honesty if my arms were long enough I would slap you from here right across this country!!

(Argument over an airline booking.
This time of year and flights that are full, plus stupid RUDE cousins are a nightmare.)

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If I could give you a boost, I would!

Yes, this is THE worst time to make bookings. And the longer you wait, the $$$ it is. IF you can even get what you want! Can you tell her it's none of her bloody business - you'll let her know when you have solid plans?

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It was related to a pre-booked seat for my cousin's mother.
I did the booking and her Mom asked for a window seat because it was an overnight flight.
This forward bitch signed into  the booking and changed the seat to the aisle.
When  I asked her why she did this, she flew off the handle and berated me about her mother ALWAYS wanting an aisle seat!
I told her that  her Mom  specifically asked for the window and the she had to change it back!
Well, it is HER mother and she did the right thing  - according to her.
It would cost €60 for the seat change and she wasn't paying for THAT.

Her mother didn't ask her to do the booking in the first place because she knows her daughter is rude arsehole.
So it cost me an additional €60 to change it back when I had ALREADY paid for a pre-booked seat because their were no window seats available, unless I changed the booking class.

I canNOT stand this bitch.
She always knows better.
Causes sh!t all over the place, so yes, Aniki I will take that boost from you because I am absolutely fuming tonight!

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What a twunt! If you ever do the booking again, don't give her the damn info. Sheesh. 

Let's get her, Letti! xo

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I didn't give it to her  - her mother did.
Her mom is 78, so I don't blame her.

I couldn't let her sit on the aisle because she was on the aisle on the outbound flight and she didn't like it.
She asked me to change it to a window in  this week  because it is a 10 hour flight over night and she can sleep without being disturbed at the window.

I am so angry that her daughter was "who cares?! it is only 10 hours!"
Your mom is 78 you dumb bitch!
€60 is small potatoes to pay for her comfort.
€60 which was unnecessary today if she left the booking alone which was none of her business anyway...

Honestly if I could get hold of my cousin tonight, I would slap her senseless!!

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Well, crap.

What an inconsiderate, insensitive beeyotch! Letti, I'd hold her down for you. 

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Eff off to dysfunction everwhere...

Special Eff Off to DH's family dysfunction, which makes me want to scream "BAH HUMBUG" at everyone...every.single.Christmas. 

Also, another special eff off to my co-workers...who still can't figure out how to do their work.

Eff off to has been a miserable year for me, almost from start to finish. I also have several friends who will not be sad to see this year go. Special plea that 2020 be better...please!

Eff off to BM...she's always on the list. The woman can create drama out of anything...and then will accuse DH of trying to make her miserable. Seriously, lady, you are no longer married to my DH...send all of your crazy toward your current DH and leave my DH alone!

Eff off to holiday materialism - this one is directed at one of my SSs, who got skis for Christmas (which he wanted), yet still wants to complain that he's not getting enough. This kid gets a full Christmas from us, from BM, and from MIL (who feels as if she needs to make up for the fact that, in her eyes, DH is a terrible father who does not do enough for SSs). Why do they still need more? 

Eff off to extra long commutes, which are now in the dark both ways because it is winter. There are not enough podcasts in the world to make me feel better about spending nearly 3 hours on the road each day. 

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Woman, I feel you on every single one of those things. 

BioHo continues to try and control what happens in our home at Christmas. I wish she'd be kidnapped and sold into sex slavery - she'd bloody well love it, I'm sure.

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Happy Friday Aniki!

Eff OFF to this awful commute I have from the city during rush hour to go home.

Eff OFF to the idiots who travel in said commute that are glued to their phone and don't get the h@ll out my way.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend amiga!

Give rose

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Hola Siempre!

As much as I luuuuuuuv Winter (okay, it's still Fall), I do NOT like driving home from work in the dark. And since I'm working late tonight {insert expletives}, I'll be driving home in the dark. Sigh...

Wishing you the same! xo

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Yeah, in my area, in the evening commute SoMEoNE has been launching "projectiles" at cars on a certain high way.

Eff off to them!

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That is scary as h@ll.  It seems that every couple of years there is a rash of incidents across the country where mean-spirited assh@les think it is funny to throw cinderblocks off of overpasses or shoot rocks with homemade rocket launchers from the side of the road.  People have died and been horribly disfigured that way.  I hope they are patrolling heavily and catch the one in your area quickly!