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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Friday at last! It's certainly been a week full of "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong". Hopefully, the fires at work will stay dormant today and over the weekend.

Eff off to:

  • Jackwads who MUST merge between you and the car in front....when there is NO ONE BEHIND YOU.
  • Men who seem to think I'm some dainty creature who can't lift so much as a 2x4 without spraining a fingernail. I'm not called Valkyrie for nothing. I took mucho satisfaction in hefting those three bigass boxes (133 lbs, 140 lbs, 168 lbs) into my car solo. Close your mouths, boys. You're catching flies. (But a big thank you to the guy who said, "HOT DAMN! That's my kind of woman!" and asked if I was married. Very much so, but thanks!)
  • Trolls, spammers, and assh0les. I've rejected 17 phone calls on my cell YESTERDAY - all spam (I checked). It's like a freaking plague out there!


I hope the first weekend of Spring is a good one for you!


ETA: Oops! The single guy who asked if I was MARRIED. Still on my first cup of coffee. LOL


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"Men who seem to think I'm some dainty creature who can't lift so much as a 2x4 without spraining a fingernail. I'm not called Valkyrie for nothing. I took mucho satisfaction in hefting those three bigass boxes (133 lbs, 140 lbs, 168 lbs) into my car solo. Close your mouths, boys. You're catching flies. (But a big thank you to the guy who said, "HOT DAMN! That's my kind of woman!" and asked if I was single. Very much so, but thanks!)"

CAREFUL!! I used to be bold with my strength like that, too, until I blew out my L4 L5 disc!! Use good body mechanics, please. <3

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Thank you, hon. I AM careful! I spent a lot of years bodybuilding and was also taught proper lifting techniques. Lift with the legs!  Kiss 2

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Eff off to:

  • My face peeling. Why? Who even knows. I've had no sunburns, have been using moisturizer, and yet...
  • Paranoia, I feel this will be around for a while...
  • Having to go to my in-laws after work to get the girls... Frankly I have ZERO desire to drive 20 minutes to pick them up. BUT, last day of spring break for them
  • Being inside at work at a boring a$$ desk when the weather is so forking perfect!
  • Feeling a bit on the big side when I woke up... LIke I woke up feeling like I was fat. For no reason... But there you have it. So que a day of insecurities
  • DH working tonight. I HATE him working nights. I want him home. For lots of reasons. But that's the job he chose.

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Hey PA, some factors to consider about your peeling facial skin...

  • has it been windy
  • how long have you been using your moisturizer
  • could be some sort of dermatitis

You might want to skip moisturizer for a few days and use a little hydrocortisone cream instead. xo

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It hasn't been overly windy... Been using the moisturizer for a long time, probably time to try something new tbh.

LMAO. My skin would. Because I didn't get all the other dermatitis... I have Subhoreic on my scalp, Dyshidrotic (occasional flare-ups and not as bad as it could be, definitley never has gotten as awful as most of the online pictures... Only got two blisters form it this year though. So improvement!), and growing up I had plain old eczema...  Any poor child that I have... I hope it gets it's daddy's skin. LOL. I'll give a bit of hydrocortisone a try and start on a new moisturizer afterwards Smile

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Eff off to repeatedly forgetting that the heat isn't working in my little car - Thank God for seat heaters. The weather needs to warm up so I can start driving it more.

Eff off to the seat heater NOT working in my bigger, utilitarian car. At least I don't have a car payment so I can "afford" repairs. I need to not complain because I can switch cars if one has a big problem.

Like you, eff off to people who INSIST on merging in FRONT of me when there is not a soul behind me. I will not allow it, and will risk a fender bender to block it. LOL

It's going to be a great weekend but maybe a tad too busy. I need to slow down and leave some time to do things in my yard and around my house as the weather warms up.

Have a great weekend!!!!

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FB, I once drove a rental car with seat heaters. It was the middle of Winter so I thought "why not" and turned them on.

OMG!!! Within 5 minutes it felt like my arse was on fire - and that was the LOW setting! lol

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Oh I can't go back to not having heated seats. They should come stock in any car sold in Minnesota!! I did burn my arse once when I accidentally turned it on in the summer. I was bitching about how hot leather seats get when I realized I heat blasted myself! 

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Woman, there is now cream cheese on my monitor, I spat out of piece of cinnamon raisin bagel and it hit my screen cream cheese first.

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The bigger car's seat heaters are perfect. The little car has 3 settings and the hottest one should be labeled "Hell" LOL However, it's pretty nice on the coldest of days. Smile

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Eff off to cramps despite taking a fistful of pain meds.

Eff off to it being nearly 10:00 AM and my direct supervisor not being here (another story for another time).

Eff off to SK weekend. No actual issues with my SKs, just wish DH and I had a weekend to go do something instead.

Eff off to fertility docs not getting back to DH.

Eff off to DH being ultra stressed at work.

Eff off to having to fly by myself next week (I hate flying).

Really, on the first day of anyone's period, EFF OFF is sorta just the anthem.

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Eff off to everybody. My almost 3 year old decided to wake me up at 5:30 a.m. by sitting on my head. Mama is cranky pants today! I'm going to see if I can find a nice family of stray dogs who want to finish raising this little hellion.

Please, please, please ST: I need confirmation that difficult babies/toddlers turn into angels as teenagers. 

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We've got wolves up here...

My sister was a difficult toddler and she turned out okay. She wasn't too much trouble as a teenager, but we had veeery strict parents. She's 57 and pretty cool.  *dirol*

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I think stubborn children CAN make challenging teens but good adults because they know how to stand up for what they want and won't easily follow the crowd - if you can channel it.


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Right. Stubborn child equals leadership skills and blah blah blah lol. This kid got a double dose of "individuality" from his parents. I'm so screwed!

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I was an awful toddler. Climbed all over everything. Got kicked out of ballet and gmnastics. climbed the fence once and got out. Consistently dumped fish food on EVERYTHING. Etc. 

But as a teenager I tutored kids in my spare time, took AP classes, and honestly didn't do anything stupid because i was indepdent enough to not be a sheep.  I was however VERY strong willed though. 

But there is hope!!!

If not... I saw a very sweet stray pitbull I almost took home who might take on your kid... LOL

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LMAO. This is exactly the anecdotal evidence I need to support my necessary fantasy!! This one is a jumper/climber/pouring-dog-food-in-everything helll-raiser, too. We should have adopted a pit. The puggle and Chihuahua are too small to handle the man cub. They just run in terror. Sad

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Well then live your fantasy!!! 

LOL. I wanted to bring the pit home, but I knew DH wouldn't be overly happy with another dog since my others are both like 100 lbs... LMAO

They'll be best friends with her when she learns to respect them a bit more! Wink

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Dog hair...Its that time of year where our dogs begin to shed. One would think they are bald based on the all the fur flying around.

People who wont use turn signals.

Parents who loose custody of their kids, convicted of felonies, spend time in the clinker THEN get their kids back from the parent who doesnt have as much as a speeding ticket. BUT certain groups insist on giving up plastic straws and plastic bags??

Current weather temps. SHOULD BE HOTTER. Tired of the UP down, UP down.

Radical Dems-I will leave it at that.






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Goodluck, dontcha just luuuuuuuv the people who put on the turn signal... WHEN THEY'RE TURNING?

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Adding in:

Eff of to:

  • Coworkers that don't invite you to lunch then ask "why didn't you come." Maybe because no one told me...
  • Allergies. That just caused my eyes to water, I started today with mascara... Not anymore... So that's fun.

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Yup... My car is literally yellow instead of red and if the wind blows you see pollen clouds come out of the trees...

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Here too.  I started my allergy meds a week earlier than normal.  I was out doing yardwork last weekend and brushed up against our juniper bush and a literal cloud of pollen went up.  And our neighbor across the street has a totally overgrown one...and the wind blows UP to our house.  It's pretty bad right now.

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EFF off to Drivers today!

You choose to park in the bike lane in a busy section, a cyclist flips you off.  You honk.  Then you catch up to them, as you are unloading your 3 yo KID (just 2 blocks away to the daycare stop), you step in front of them and flip the cyclists off, saying, "There you GO!  How do you like THAT?"  Cyclists shrug, tell him, "Nice parenting there for a Father."  Leave him yelling to their backs.  Yeah, all because HE parked illegally in the first place (there is a loading area RIGHT NEXT TO the bike lane he should have been using).

Drivers who come to a four way stop, cyclist in back of them.  Other drivers go as they should.  Driver in front of cyclist still sits there, on their phone, not moving while MORE cars go through.  Cyclist yells at driver, "Go!"  Driver then pulls over ahead and says something unintelligble at cyclist.  All because the DRIVER was blocking the right of way.

And the jackhammer is back outside our office.

...some days...

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To the guy who retired (who is younger than me and made of money; child free dude who guessed it...a BM) and left me unfinished projects, mysteries and various other shit without documenting hardly anything.

I am bringing a flask to work here on out.

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left me unfinished projects, mysteries and various other shit without documenting hardly anything.

That's so annoying! I had that happen to me 4 years ago. Gal retired and did the same. She also left 5 cabinet drawers full of papers and files that I had to go through in an attempt to find ANYTHING to help with the clusterf*ck of things she left. 97% of them I had to recreate from scratch or spend HOURS on the phone with the HELp desk. Gaaaaaaaah!

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Eff off to BM2 who continues to try and turn SS16 against us.  It doesn't work because autism doesn't register subtlety.

No, BM2, DH is not a porn addict and doesn't need to watch the program that was on the other night with SS "since they both have issues with this"

No we did not get any funding for the alternative school SS will attend in September as it is government funded therefore free.  Always afraid someone else is getting rich and you can't get a piece of it!

And NO SS didn't see this absolute b.s. because I deleted these lovely messages from Mommy Dearest. Get a life, please.