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OT - Thankful Thursday

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Happy Friday Eve, STalkers! It's a balmy 31 degrees here Give rose and the Hollyhock is working buoys in the canal. Counting down the hours until the end of my work day so I can start working on some Memory Bears. *biggrin*

I  am thankful for:

  • my DH, who just finished rewiring all of the electric upstairs. I am SO excited to have working sockets and that I no longer have to run an extension cord up the stairs. Woo hoo!!! *yahoo*
  • Coffee. A full cuppa today. *drinks*
  • The lingering Covid Fatigue issue of poor hand-eye coordination leaving. Still a little shaky with the little keys on my cell phone, but MUCH better at typing. Best part: I can finally work on the Memory Bears I was commissioned to do 2 months ago. Fingers crossed I can finish them in time for Christmas. 

Hope you're having a good day! If not, have a tasty piece of chocolate or a cookie or something to give you a little boost! *give_rose*


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For all the good people in my inner circle.  

And - special gratitude for my furbabies - no matter how crappy a day went I always feel like a rock star when I pet, play and care for them.  They always bring me back to living in the moment.


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Oh my, YES! Furbabies and their unconditional love are a neverending source of feel-goods. Smile

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Is sitting outside of my office 'guarding' me as I type this.  So relaxing just having him near.

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My baby boy kitty is all loves since his sister has been gone. He's always been a sweet mush but now he's a sweet mush who demands attention at certain times. Who am I to ignore that - so Thankful for working remotely for furbabies!

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He should absolutely get all the attention he wants!  Its my favorite thing about WFH too - having my animals near me all day.  Sometimes after a tough meeting I'll take a break and just sit near them while they nap.

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you can have all my chocolate, I'm allergic. we are both camped out on the couch catching up on CSI: Vegas. This has been a very good day. My new washer was a blessing, we will be able to continue wearing clean underpants! 


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Allergic? Bummer! How about a slice of angel food cake with some fresh berries? 

Couch camping sounds like fun! Biggrin

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Glad to hear you are feeling so much better Aniki.  This week I am thankful for the ability to pretend that I am a kind, patient, generous person.  

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Now, now, advice.only. YOU ARE a kind, patient, generous person. It's simply impossible to be that every second of the day. Especially in stephell or when you work with idgets! *kiss2*

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For the health of myself and family. It really is everything!

The Hollyhock....know it very, very well! An amazing workhorse....which makes me think of another thing that I am thankful for - our military who show up and are willing to put it on the line every day.

Happy you are feeling better, Aniki, even if baby steps Smile

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I hear you about our military, SteppedOff. Since my grandparents immigrated from Finland and he fought in WWI, every generation of my family has served (including my DH). 

Thank you! *kiss2*