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OT - Happy Thanksgiving!

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Wishing you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving! I hope it's pleasant, enjoyable, and drama free. 

If you're feeling down, please dig a little deeper and consider that there IS something for which you can be thankful. Maybe you're unhappy with your job, but you have one. Maybe your house needs work, but you have a roof over your head. You woke up today!

If you need someone to talk to, I'll be lurking tomorrow so feel free to shoot me a PM. DH is working, so I'll be sitting at home working on Memory Bears.

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Thanks, Thumper! I may indulge myself with the fireplace. *yahoo*

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To all the great folks here! May you all have a wonderful peaceful day!

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Caninelover, I have a ridiculous craving for half a can of cranberry sauce! *crazy*

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Happy Thanksgiving!! Hope everyone enjoys their holiday! My pies are baking and I'm sipping some wine *biggrin*

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At our place.  One of our friends is bringing pie (we voted on one - Apple for us!!!) and I'm making a small-ish feast for 4:. A turkey breast that DH will rotisserie out on the grill (SoCal life LOL).  A bunch of sides I'm making from scratch.  4 grown adults and no dang vegans this year haha.

Still remember Thanksgiving 2018 when Bratty McBratFace decided to announce her veganhood Thanksgiving Day - as I was pulling dishes out of the oven LOL.




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Sounds lovely!! Every time we drive by Boston market... there is only one left kind of near us off the highway... I think of you! 

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Happy Non-vegan, Non- Boston Market Thanksgiving:)

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The fake special diets day of are real humdingers. Mine announced they were vegetarian at Christmas dinner. The next day 1 was back to eating meat and the other 1 really has converted which is fine but what rude timing to announce. 

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Same...except Bratty announced her veganhood at Thanksgiving, then the next day want to go to Boston Market for chicken and mac.  Ridiculous.

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What kind of pies and what's the wine, MissK03?

I made Mustikkapiirakka (Finnish blueberry pie) and have a lovely Austrian chardonnay (Biokult Naken).

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SO makes his grandma's cheesecake recipe. I make blueberry and pumpkin! The wine was SO's brothers home made Cabernet. I'm not big on "spiced" things so my blueberry is pretty basic but the lemon juice/zest give it that extra zing that I like ! 

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I am thankful for:

A clean bill of health after breast cancer this year (found early).

Retiring from my crappy job.

My bios, their spouses and my beautiful, terribly clever granddaughter.

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Brined, dry rubbed deep fried fresh turkey, dressing, home made fresh cranberry sauce, sage gravy (got to have SAGE lol), glazed ginger carrots, roasted beets and brussels, green beans (cooked French style with shallots and mushroom sauce), sweet potato souffle, mashed potatoes. 

Pumpkin pie w/ whipped cream.

Lois Jadot Beaujolais Villages.  And Opti port for dessert wine. 

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Sage.... yum! Homemade cranberry sauce is the best! *yahoo*

That LJBV is an old fave. Biggrin

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Sage and onion stuffing. 

Soak as much crustless white bread as you want in milk until nice and soggy. Add a heap of chopped onion and chopped sage leaves (as much as your taste requires). Season with salt and lots of white pepper. Put it in a buttered dish and dot with small pats of butter. Cook in a moderate to hot oven for 20-30 minutes (brown the surface at the end if necessary).

Very approximate but very tasty!

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IF you're roasting a chicken, you can also peel the skin away from the breasts and insert a small layer of this before roasting so the flavour permeates the flesh. 

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I've done roast chicken with a butter/herb mixture under the skin, but never herb only. ~adds roasting chicken and fresh sage to shopping list~

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Happy Thanksgiving!

My kids likely have RSV or Flu and are miserable so my in laws are currently deliberating if they want to skip coming and avoid getting exposed. My FIL has asthma that gets worse in the cold so respiratory illness are no joke as he's pushing 70.

Sick babies...but the silver lining is we could stay in PJs, half ass dinner and just cuddle and watch cartoons today. I'm secretly hoping they cancel.

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Sorry the kids are sick, SeeYouNever. Hope they're better soon. Thanksgiving in pjs with no out-, er, in-laws sounds much better. Fingers crossed!

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Super grateful for this online anonymous forum, which I consider a support group that gives me access to the empathic, courageous, and lovely step parents who understand like NO OTHER!

God bless you all! Much love,


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Super thankful for everyone here! Also for my fab friends who I'm texting thanks to, my sister and niece, and my vet who is becoming a new friend. My DH knows he's loved. So now a visit to the gym and final food prep!

Cornish game hens with under the skin seasoning (copa, fresh basil, salt/pepper and a little red pepper flakes), roasted red potatoes with roasted cauliflower, accompanied by a good non-oakey Chardonnay. Decided no bubbly, but might change my mind....dessert is new york cheesecake I made yesterday topped with blackberry compote.

Edited out the chard and a pairing with a white burgundy from Bourgogne, FR.

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Yum, Cover! I have a recipe for cornish game hens stuffed with a spinach-mushroom-rice mixture. Need to make those soon...

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I have so much to be thankful for this year. First up on today's list is that I don't have to cook everything this year, just a vege side dish and goat cheese cake with fall fruit for dessert. We're spending it with family so everyone is pitching in. It will be a lovely feast.

Looking forward to enjoying TG with my BK's, DH, and family. This will probably be the best TG since the time that we traveled across country to spend it with my side of the family. Hoping to do that again soon but this year we're with DH's family.

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Got home from work an hour ago.  We re-start the facility at 8PM.  I take my bride to the airport at 0600 tomorrow. She is going to spend the WE and next week with her family.

So, not much of a Holiday other than this evening for us together. 

No issues though. She will have a great time with her family next week.  All of the IL clan ladies are doing a bunch of concerts, dinners, etc.. and leaving the guys to deal with kids etc.....

I am working next week.

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