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OT - Thankful Thursday

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I know it's late in the day... Cannot believe it's almost Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for:

  • My DH. He works hard, but is never too tired to do things for me. Whether it's pick up a prescription, condition my leather, buy dinner when I don't feel like cooking (he hates to cook), or rub my cold feet with his always-warm hands... his love language is acts of service and he shows me every day in some way that he loves me.
  • My Dad. I may be pushing 58yo, but I'll never be too old to ask Dad for his wise and excellent advice. I miss seeing him every week, but hearing his voice over the phone helps.
  • Having a job. My boss is a big ol' PITA, but I'm good at what I do and enjoy my work (especially when King Pita leaves me alone!).
  • No surgery in the near future. I've been suffering from a wrist injury and the doc gave me a cortisone shot. Things are okay thus far and we're optimistic (cautiously on my part) that this will eliminate getting sliced open. *yahoo*
  • You. Yes, YOU! I know I do more lurking than posting, but I'm always around. A big thanks to those who message me just to chat. *kiss2*


Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!


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Happy Thanksgiving Aniki.

I am thankful and quite relieved that my husband needs only medication for his heart and not any surgery.

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I'm thankful for my rich and varied life and all my blessings which I dont deserve.  I'm thankful for my big, active healthy family and pray that they will stay in God's hands.

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For moderating this important space. 

It is work and she does it with with much grace.

Many thanks to Aniki!!!

And Happy Holidays to all!!


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You earned it, lady!!!

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Happy Thanksgiving Aniki and everyone here. I wish you for your gravy to be hot, your potatoes to not be lumpy, and your stepkids to be tolerable! LOL.