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OT - Thankful Thursday

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Happy Friday Eve, STalkers! Let's get down to it.

I am thankful for: 

  • My DH. Despite those cranky pants he was sporting last night, he fixed the washing machine.
  • Having a job. With the exception of King Pita, I like my job.
  • People who do jobs in trade for something else. You win; I win. 
  • Culinary creativity. I love taking a hodgepodge of leftovers and creating something new and tasty!


Yes, short and sweet today. xoxo


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that I too am employed at the very least

that my garden is going pretty well this year (probably because I was off for 2 months and tending to it)


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One drawback to gardening: having to weed! *lol*

Did you plant flowers or veggies or both?

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I have perennials such as cone flower, bee balm, raspberries, gooseberries, strawberries (ever bearing), blueberries (no acidic soil so rather pathetic), hollyhocks, poppies, canna lillies, stargazer lily, roses, honeysuckle, climbing hydrangea, butterfly bush, some glads that come back every year, some freesia? I think.  I also have various shrubbery one I can't think of the name of off the top of my head but it produces small red flowers.  I have holly and that shrub that has thorns and turns red.  I have burning bush and a variety of roses, knockout and climbing.  Azaleas (again non acidic soil so pathetic) Japanese maple, some pear trees, a cherry tree and a plum tree.  I have two hanging fuscia this year and my various houseplants sitting outside on vacation including a fig tree.

for veg I planted tomatoes (several kinds and more than I should have), okra, summer squash, charleston grey watermelon, sugar snap pea pods, cukes, lettuce and potatoes.  My sunflowers didn't come up because they were eaten by various birds and bugs.   I also have currents but left those for the birds this year.  The cat birds and orioles are enjoying them.

I usually get dragon flies because I live near a swamp so I 've seen a few but it's been a banner year for butterflies.  I even noticed a hummingbird moth yesterday.

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WOW!!! That sounds amazing. Stargazers are my favorite lily. :D  I'm packing a bag and coming to your place for a few days! 

We have wild berries all over the place: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, thimbleberries... I luuuuuuuuurrrrv gooseberries but have not had fresh in years (gooseberry butter doesn't count). 

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Fellow co workers and I are all doing a diet together. Its so hard to avoid all the muffins, cookies, cakes constantly brought in. Now its celery and carrots. My waistline will thank them for it.


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How helpful for everyone! Must confess though: I'm not a fan of carrot sticks. Celery rules! Biggrin

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Im not a fan of either UNLESS they are smothered in dip.  ;)  But apparently thats a NO NO   :(

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Noooooooooo!!! Dip BAAAAAD! I suppose you could season/spice some Greek yogurt or make a dip with FF sour cream (ew). A tasty treat: banana slices drizzled with some fat-free hot fudge sauce. *yahoo*

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I'm just not today... Too much stress.. too many things are going wrong today.

I guess the only think I will say is that I'm on top of the dirt... not under it.

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Thankful our electric panel is being replaced today even though it's a no electricity day as a result. Fridge is locked down. DH and YSD took off somewhere and I'm working at the neighbors house. Basically we didn't want our house to burn down. It's always a bad sign when each electrician looks at it, goes utterly silent for a few seconds and all point to the same area and says 'that is a problem.'

We're going to have them back to install a desperately needed huge ceiling fan!

We're lucky to have been able so save up for this work.

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My husband.  I'm thankful, very thankful for him.  He's stuck by me and taken care of me when I needed him to.  When I have my panic attacks, he's there to get me calm, even over the phone.   He doesn't even complain and when I worry that I depend on him too much, he tells me that there will be times that he'll depend on me like that too.  Maybe not for panic attacks but just in general.  Him just being around makes me feel better.  

My kids.  I pray they never have to deal with what I do.  But they do try to help me.   

Pets.  Always there when you need them.  I was having a bad day yesterday, which I posted in my blog. My son got my daughter's guinea pigs out to try to make me feel better.  Two of them snuggled with me pretty quickly like they usually do.  The third one is very hyperactive.  She was walking all over me, trying to climb down so she could run in the floor.  After a few minutes of her walking around and giving I guess love bites?, she farted in my face, then snuggled in my lap so I could pet her.  They did help.  

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PetSpoiler, that's wonderful that you hubby can do that for you. Panic attacks suck.

Farted in your face... *bomb*  Furbabies are the best! I miss my darling Mr P so much. He always knew when I was having a bad day and would come and put his head on my knee or my lap and look up at me with his expressive brown eyes. <3