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OT - Thankful Thursday

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Wow, it's already Thursday! More like Blursday since the days seem to run together. If those calendar reminders didn't pop up, I'd likely miss trash day!

Things continue to be somewhat surreal. As much of an introvert as I am, this confinement is wearing on me. I haven't seen my sister (bff) in over a month when I usually see her every week. I miss having a cuppa with my coffee buddy coworker. The corner barstool at my favorite tavern must feel abandoned. I used to visit it every 2-3 weeks, sip a Manhattan, and warm the wood. My colon hasn't had a work-crapfeteria-sketchy-chicken-sammich cleanse in 2 months. I told DH we're going for a drive this weekend and I don't want to see a single house for at least an hour. 

Since I'm a bit stir crazy today, I need to remind myself of the things for which I'm thankful:

  • Work. The endless teleconferences are annoying (and did I mention endless?), but I'm still working.
  • Home. It's definitely a blessing to have a safe and solid place to live with the love of my life, my...
  • DH. He is an absolute rock. Still going to work every weekday, listens to his coworkers rant and rave, listens to his wife crab, and never falters. He is the  lighthouse to my ship in the storm.
  • You. Yes, YOU! Thanks so much for your care and concern when I was AWOL. <3

Hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy!


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Happy Thankful Thursday Aniki! I am glad to see you are on the mend and getting back to posting again.

Today I am thankful for Thursday, because it's my Friday.
I am thankful for life starting to get back to more normal and being able to start seeing family and friends again.
I am thankful for my DH and kids, they have made this whole pandemic less miserable and less scary.

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It's good to be back, advice! One eye still gets a little "tired", but my vision is back to 100%. Woo hoo! Another thing for which I'm thankful. 

Nice to hear your area is starting to open up. I think our gov wants to keeps us locked up 'til 2025.

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Aw Aniki, your post is so positive despite your blues. Had to laugh at the "sandwich cleanse." Biggrin

Im thankful for:

1. My job

2. My family's health

3. My boat

4. ...and same as you Aniki: my fellow STalkers - I have had my moments of insanity too during quarantine. I have snuck into my office too when nobody is there and boy is it blissful to be away from DD17's depression and daily battles, DH's depression and inability to cope with how much he hates his job (to be fair, he has never had a job he likes, so I listen to his panicky frustrated rants and shrug it all off because I'm sick of his inability to enjoy any type of employment- I mean if I could survive 14 years of teaching, all else seems like a piece of cake. I regularly work 9-11 hours days with brutal deadlines at my hospital job and love it simply because it's not teaching). Going on STalk, reading a lot, and adding my two cents now and then has been vey cathartic for me, and for those of you who have been supportive or given me food for thought: I simply can't thank you enough!


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IAW, that sammich never fails! I'm sure my colon is secretly grateful. Wink

Who would've thought that, after joining STalk in a moment of desperation, we would later log on to seek a bit of sanity?!

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I'm thankful that Aniki is back!

And I'm thankful that I'm still working and have adapted pretty well to working from home. I miss my group though.

I'm thankful that kids and skids are all still working.

I'm thankful that DH and I have done so well together during this quarantine. We have our quirks and irritations, but overall it's been pretty loving and peaceful.

And I'm grateful for Prozac--for the asshole dog that I absolutely love.

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Give rose

Merry, I do miss seeing some of coworkers, but admit I'd be okay with not ever again seeing one... >^..^<

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still living and not pushing up daisies in the back yard.

I am thankful DD will be her tomorrow to take over guinea pig eye med duty (Its her guinea pig).

I am thankful I am still working.

I am thankful that the grass I planted is growing..yea for a better looking lawn.  Ours looked like a derranged rabbit went to town on it.

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Halo, I don't know if you've ever seen Monty Python and The Holy Grail. For some reason, your yard description and the rabbit brought that movie and the "vicious killer" of a rabbit to mind!

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I echo the following

1. Thankful for my wonderful job and co-workers. We all have separate offices, and sanitise and wear masks when necessary, so I "get" to see them every day.

2. Thankful for my husband, who is also working and making money and keeping his humor about him during this time, being sweet and supportive, although I am a bit lonely for some female companionship.

3. Thankful for Munchkin being with us, and being her happy and sweet self.

4. Thankful for my fur kiddies

5. Thankful for my quirky messy home that I own with my husband.

6. Thankful for my parents who are in continuing good health.

7. Thankful for the continuing propserity that allows us to live very well.



Thankful for YOU, and your brightness through adversity and angst, as well as steptalkers that have helped me through some VERY dark times.

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Thankful for any social connection I have these days. I'm going crazy. I'm not usually mushy but I'm missing everyone, including my coworkers. 

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I miss my work area. I'm surrounded by potty-mouth programmers who make me laugh all day long.

The one coworker I would love to see relocate (Irkutsk would be ideal) is one who is on damn near every teleconference and yammers on and on and on...

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Thankful I'm still working. Thankful my wife successfully homeschooled the skids. Thankful the skids didn't balk at it!

Real thankful you're back Aniki!!

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Thankful for both DH and I having jobs with lots of work right now; even though my annual increase is on hold it's still ok.

Thankful no family members have been ill, I know of three people (family of co-workers) who have died from COVID so far and another one infected but recovering.

Thankful for DH for working through our stir-crazy moods a couple weeks ago.  And for helping out more than usual.

Thankful for where we live, not so populated area so that the hazards of running into people when out and about getting air are not so large as in the city, and we can get lots of exercise.

Thankful for my sweet kitties who LOVE having Cover home all the time.

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I am pretty sure my cats are planning to kill us if we don't go back to work soon.  I think we're interrupting their daily plotting meetings to take over the world or at least two streets on Staten Island (nerdy show joke for anyone who gets it).   

I am grateful that the weather is turning and I don't have to bundle up for walks.

I am grateful that we are all healthy and working.

Grateful our Ani is back!

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I had a cat who was such a YUGE Momma's Boy, he would have been ecstatic to have me on home lockdown! Furbabies are such a comfort.