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OT - Thankful Thursday

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Welcome to Thursday, STalkers! I hope everyone had a safe and tolerable holiday

Things for which I am thankful:

  • the Skid Invasion, otherwise known as Christmas, is over!
  • 363 days 'til the next Skid Invasion 
  • SD22's attempts at manipulation failed miserably (that's another story), so.....
  • SD22 and her p!ssy attitude were a no-show on Christmas
  • my wonderful DH, who thanked me profusely for my "hard work, the beautiful decorations, and delicious food" AND gave me an absolutely gorgeous jewelry set
  • my awesome Dad, who is my, and always will be, my hero.


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Yay for surviving the Skidvasion!!!

Things I'm thankful For:

  • Furbabies that crack me up. Dh's fell off the bed this morning (trying to shove me over for more space.... *eyeroll*) and seriously just looked around, grunted, and fell asleep on the floor instead.
  • That Christmas wasn't ruined for the girls even though Psycho tried. They still believe in Santa, we're moving forward!
  • Food. All things food.
  • DH helping me get up to go to the gym when I REALLY wanted to just sleep... But also have been feeling so down on myself and needed the gym.
  • Amazing people on here!!! Good source to vent without throwing everything CONSTANTLY at DH.

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Furbabies are awesome!

Hoping Psycho isn't around next Christmas. 

I want pancakes...

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Awe so glad to hear SD22 was thwarted and chose not to show her ugly mug to ruin your Christmas.

I'm thankful the holidays are almost over.
I'm thankful for a new grandbaby and getting the chance to spoil that tiny little bundle of sweetness
I'm thankful this is week two of DH's "foot affliction" and that he should be revovered sooner rather than later.

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So am I, advice. So am I. Per DH, SD22 is "just like her damn mother".

When is the new grandbaby due?

Men are such babies! Lol

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Well technically not my grandbaby I'm more like the grand aunt, she was born on the 21st, 5 weeks premature, but perfect!!! She got discharged the day before Christmas and has us all wrapped around her itty bitty little fingers.

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Lol it’s my best friends daughter.  If Spawn has procreated we will never know.

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Hm. I'm having thankfulness issues today apparently.

* I'm tired. SD12 has been with us over a week, and while that's great, and she's a pretty cool kid I have had ZERO alone time.  I'm hoping DH takes her on a LONG day out and they stay out for dinner so I can have some time alone.

* I have nothing but busy coming up this weekend too.  Friends over for dinner on Saturday (chicken caccitore!) and then meeting an out-of-town friend on Sunday.  WORK on Monday (again, stupid) and one day off on Tuesday.  I feel an illness coming on soon...However, it'll be nice to see friends!

* Work is not busy right now, yay!  But I'm still stuck at work.

* I have yoga this afternoon, that's always a yay!


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You have to work and sh’t so you force him to take his kid out for hours. Tell him “take her out or else.” 

Go book a room at hotel that has amenities if you have to.

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OH, he knows my limits which is why he's taking her out today...we were hoping she'd have an overnight at a friends house but they are all busy.  He's also been cooking/cleaning pretty darn well!  No $ for hotel right now!  But that sounds wonderful...thinking of that next weekend!

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It might strike next week.

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I’m skidfree but it’s Christmas break so my real kids are driving me insane.

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Aniki I am also thankful Christmas is behind us. And for Block on facebook.