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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Yes, I'm VERY late to the game today. Doc appointment this morning took longer than expected. Blech.

TGIF, STalkers! Are you ready for the weekend? Hay rides, bonfires, snuggling in front of the fireplace - all sound good to me.

Eff off to:

  • Covid Fatigue. All I want to do is SLEEP! *cray2*
  • I am still unable to drink coffee because continuing cotton mouth won't tolerate it. *cray2*
  • Other post Covid caca: headaches, clumsiness, overall feeling of weakness. *dash1*
  • As much as I wanted to make a dress for SD25's upcoming nuptials, it looks like I'll have to go shopping. I detest shopping.
  • People who text you one effing sentence at a time. Just type the whole thing out. Sheesh! Evil Aniki is itching to block you cuz yer buggin me. *diablo*


Wishing you a stress free, enjoyable, and healthy weekend. *drinks*


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Yo, Dahlink!

Not a single benefit from your brush with C death? How about weight loss? Have you dropped a dress size?

Today is my birthday! I'm looking at the world through rose-coloured glasses at the moment, after opening 18 gifts from my DH. Like you, Ani, I have a guy that I would not trade for a billion dollars. There is nothing money can buy that rivals the happiness of a good marriage with a good man!


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Sending birthday love, raising my glass of cab to you Lady!

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Aw, thanks, Sweetie!

Please keep in mind, the fact that I married Mr. Wonderful when I was 42 years old and taking up my third husband. I had finally 'fixed my picker'. There is hope…..

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It was the BEST! Suffering from self-inflicted wounds today but it was worth it! 

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Happy birthday, dear lady!!!

Oh, yeah. I dropped 15 pounds too fast. Looking a bit haggard, too. Fingers crossed I'll look less so as the weeks go by and I'm able to eat better.

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Eff off to management who you don't report to trying to change your  schedule.  My husband is on a schedule that works for us.  He's making enough for us to get by where I can hopefully stay home at least until my younger child is able to stay home alone, but preferably when he can drive.  This guy was talking to my husband this morning about how he wanted to see his schedule change back to how it was a couple of years ago.  Ok, you're not in charge of his route, why do you care?  It is not affecting you in any way so BUTT OUT!  

Eff off to anxiety.  The above has me worried that he won't bring home as much and will that force me back to work sooner than we were planning?  I pray not.  

Eff off to the long drive ahead of me tonight.  My daughter's high school football team made it to the playoffs and I get to travel over 65 miles one way so I can see the halftime show one more time.  Our team is probably going to lose tonight so she won't have another game after tonight I'm sure.  I've missed a lot of games this season due to covid, fatigue afterwards, and idiot school officials who decide it's a great idea to have them play an away game on Thursday instead and be back bright and early Friday morning.  I kept my son home those times so at least he could get some sleep that night.  But as a result I haven't gotten to see my daughter march a lot and I feel bad.  I love going to see her.  

Eff off to too much to do and not enough energy to do it.  

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PetSpoiler, I can relate to too much to do and not enough energy. It sucks!

My DH's work has tried that same caca. Big ol' poopie heads.

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Expect symptoms to linger for a while. Here I am months later and still not on my game. Fatigue for me is the lingering symptom.

Blessings for a peaceful weekend.

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Well, phooey. I've got memory bears to make and I'm too tired to even plan out the fabric arrangement. Dash 1

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Eff off to the worst employee ever. EVER. She handed me her resignation this afternoon, along with a request for a full week of vacation, then start the new job the very next week. So, essentially, I got three hours' notice. I said, resignation accepted, get your sh!t and get out.

Her new department was supposed to call me for a reference prior to an internal transfer, but they didn't. OH WELL. I couldn't have lied to them, and now they get the headache. Fine with me.

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I had a temp member of staff a few years ago who asked for holidays at a point when two other team members had already booked time off.  I said no, its first come first served and that if the holday was that important she should quit so I could get a replacement for her so I wouldn't be left short staffed.  I also said I'd be flexible with her end date to make sure she could find another contract.  She said ok. 

Then when the time for her holidays was rolling around, she told me she was hanging in her notice.  This was one month before she wanted to take her vacation.  She was so pleased with herself.  She thought that she'd arranged it so that she'd be working until she went on holidays and had a new job lined up for when she got back.

She also thought she was on a months notice.  Sadly for her, her contract had lapsed so I told her to get her stuff and go.  I was so f'ing annoyed.  

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To pandemic weight gain.  It happens in the blink of an eye but takes so long to get rid of.

Eff off to Bratty McBratFace outsourcing dumb things to is.  No, no, and no Bratty.

Eff off trying to schedule a mammogram.  Really, first available slot is January?  Wtf

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That is so weird about the mammogram. I called to schedule mine on Oct. 4 and went in for it on Oct. 9.

I can't really blame my weight gain on Covid but I'm with ya on how quick it is to put on, compared to taking it off!

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Depends on the cookies! Lol

I haven't had so much as a sip of wine in almost a month. Sad

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To mental illness. It hurts both its victims and those who love them. 
much love to caretakers in the mental health ward tho. Thank you!

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Its the worst on everyone.  Glad you are getting the right help.

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Eff of to the the fact that I made celeriac soup for lunch and it was yummy but my stomach rebelled.  'nuff said.  I'll spare you all the horrid details.  I'm hoping its a one off and not yet another yummy vegtable I can no longer eat.