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OT - Thirsty Thursday/Thankful Thursday

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It's Friday Eve, STalkers! Only <insert number> cups of coffee until the weekend begins! Or tea. Or whatever beverage floats your boat.

What fulfills your Thirsty? It's a balmy 11 degrees outside (Real Feel of 1 degree). Days like this make me want to throw on fleece pants and shirt and some thick socks and curl up under a fuzzy blanket with a big, hot, steaming mug of something yummy to warm up the evil in me. *diablo*

  • Morning: Coffee. Period. If I'm not drinking coffee, I'm sick.
  • Afternoon: Hot Vanilla. This is made with milk, sugar, my homemade vanilla extract, and cardamom. 
  • Evening: Woodhouse Dark Hot Chocolate or Sleepytime tea
  • Feverish: Chicken broth or fruit-flavored tea
  • Feeling barfy: mint tea

Aniki's secret desire: to reopen ye olde bookstore and call it Kahvi, Kissa, & Kirja. That's Finnish for Coffee, Cat & Book. Yep. I'd have a cafe/bookstore that was home to adoptable kitties. I can dream...


Thankful Thursday

I know some are struggling. That is the perfect time to reflect on things for which you are thankful. Maybe the load will feel a bit lighter. Things for which I'm thankful:

  • Having most of my body parts and they're in working order (appendix, tonsils, and adenoids are not needed!).
    • Eyes are weak (hello, corrective vision), but I can see.
    • Hearing is at Radar level (oh, some of the things I overhear!)
    • I don't move as fast as I used to, but I have all of my limbs/digits intact and functioning.
  • Material things too often taken for granted
    • working car
    • solid house
    • good job
    • sturdy clothes & shoes
  • People
    • Dad, the person I strive to be
    • DH, my rock
    • good friends
  • STalk


Count your blessings, STalkers! <3


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What fulfills my thirsty?

  • A nice cup of tea - mainly black teas, but I love Darjeeling and Oolong - green tea, too.
  • A nice wine: Malbec, Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Cabernet, Sauvignon Blanc, etc. Not wild about Merlot.
  • A nice beer: nothing mainstream (Coors, Budweiser, etc.) but I love the micro/craft brews. Hazy IPAs are my current favorite.
  • WATER - I drink lots of it.

I'm thankful for my job, my family, my SO, my home, and my health - my knee is gradually feeling better.

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I like fruity green teas but plain green tea tastes like a mouthful of grass (to me). However, I do not add honey to tea (or anything else) so that might make a difference.

Wine: my preference depends on my mood. I drink red, white, sweet, bone-dry... My go-to wines are cab, merlot, zin (NOT that white zin caca), pinot gris/grigio, chard, sauvignon blanc. It all depends on what I'm cooking/eating. On veeeery rare occasion, I drink champagne.

Beer: Stout is my favorite, hands down. The darker and murkier, the better. Nothing worse than a stout that tastes like it has been watered down. Milk stouts are typically O-U-T. BLECH! Doppelbock, porter, brown ale. Give me a Russian Imperial stout and I'll be in heaven!

Glad your knee is feeling better. Smile

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Dark beers, porters and stouts are my first love. Hazy IPAs are just a fling. LOL

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Aniki are you talking about Bookworld? Wish I could back you on that venture lady!!

Coffee hands down. No coffee gimme Coke or Dew.

Beer is stouts or porters. 

Champers on special occasion. 

Thankful for my beautiful wife and my awesome kids. Good job and good house. Finally got a couple inches of snow!

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Yes! I wish you could back me, too. You're a total sucker for Kissat. >^..^<

We're sadly lacking in snow this Winter. *sad*

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What quenches my thirst:

- Water.  No ice, please.

- Coffee.  Must have 2 cups each morning to biologically function.

- Tea, in the afternoon.  Hot if its cold out, Iced if its hot out.  I like herbal teas the best.

- Wine in the evenings.  White, red, pink, bubbly, flat.  Any kind of wine nourished my soul at the end of the day.

Thankful - during this pandemic, I am so thankful I have a job that lets me safely work at home.   I am thankful I have SO around to laugh with every day.  I am thankful for the wonderful home we share together.

Aniki, I would be your top customer if you ever get that bookstore opened!!

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I have the coffeemaker set to brew 12 minutes before my alarm goes off. I have calculated the amount of time it takes for the coffee to brew and that aromatic deliciousness to waft its way to the bedroom. MUCH more pleasant to awake to the smell of coffee than the ear-jarring alarm!

Caninelover, I'd keep your mug on a rack for my regulars! *give_rose*

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I do that too with the coffee maker - mine is set to brew at the same time that I get up in the morning.  This gives me 10 minutes to use the bathroom and brush my teeth before heading downstairs for a nice hot cup.  I get cranky if this morning routine is upset in any way, LOL.

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I cannot brush my teeth and drink coffee. But I do give the a good scrubbing the night before so they don't feel all that disgusting in the morning. Since I get up a couple of times during the night to use the bathroom, I can hold off until that first sip of coffee hits my tastebuds. 

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Drinks are easy

  • 2 Diet cokes first thing
  • Water for the rest of the day until 
  • Wine with dinner

I'm a creature of habit.

Thankful for:

  • stupid, annoying job that lets me work from home and pays well
  • being stuck in the house with DH, who is lovely
  • all my vunerable relatives having avoided the virus so far

I am just missing my annual snowboarding holiday.  This will be the second season we've missed in a row.  Like Aniki I miss the snow.

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I'm very much in the mood for some red wine with dinner tonight.

We have only about 15 inches on the ground right now. Sad

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Thankful that we still have jobs, food and a warm home to lay our heads.


Coffee in morning
Water with lemon and ice the rest of the day
Tuesdays - Affentaler Valley of the Monkey Pinot Noir or Mark West
Every other Saturday - Yuengling and 360 Orange Vodka and Red bull

Wow just realized I am a bigger creature habit than I thought. 

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My furnace repair guy showed up, 4 days EARLIER than expected.  He's working on it now!  Yay!  Abosolutly no one but me cheered - YSD and DH are like, "whatever." FU  - YOU get to deal with it next time.

In the mornings I usually grab an excellent cup of coffee (I love my coffee maker with a timer) from a local coffee supplier - it's divine and I drink less tea because of it. It's that good.  Half a cup, go get some exercise, then a real cup once I'm back and can have breakfast. Rarely more than 1.5 cups tho.

Mid-week and Sunday mornings I'll make a big container of black tea to sip on over the morning with a book. My cats know this routine and wait for me by my chair oftentimes.  Sometimes I'll brew some chai if I feel like it.

During the day it's sparkling water.

Before dinner, more sparkling water, often times a glass of wine with dinner, in the summer maybe a cold beer or G&T. If I don't feel like a drink, I'll have some kombucha instead.

Later in the evening I'll sometimes have another glass of wine but usually not more than that because it brings on the night sweats.

So basically it's wine, coffee, tea and water with an occasional other beverige.  I do like mint tea and ginger tea which actually is making me want a cup of mint tea...I need to drink more of that.

If I'm sick it's mint tea or even licorice tea if my stomach is upset or I have a cold. I have been known to do a hot toddy if I'm super congested.


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Yay! (I'll second your FU!)

I do enjoy sparkling water - keeps me from drinking too much pop. LaCroix or Klarbrunn.

Licorice tea?! Never heard of that and I luv me some licorice. Biggrin

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oh yes, you can find it in the herbal section; sometimes.  It's so good with a litte sugar or honey added to bring out the flavor!

My grocery has the biggest licorice section I've seen this side of the Mississippi.  Or ocean.

One thing I cannot find any longer is Lakrits. The Swedish delicacy of chocolate with a licorice candy coating. Basically licorice M&Ms. I cannot find them in stores any longer.  I think I can find them in a minimum 2 lb or so order online, bulk....

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Chocolate coating? That's different. I luv me some licorice.  Panda is my favorite brand.

I'll have to look for some tea!