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O/T Self Care: appearance edition

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I've been feeling a little blah and unsexy for... well... several months.

I replaced some old makeup and ended up buying bb cream. I never usually wear face makeup but I was pleasantly surprised. I feel brighter. It is the covergirl matte brand, great for my combination skin.

I have also gone back to the lean cuisine, salad or chobani yogurts for lunch, trying to cut calories ... because summer doesn't wait for me to stop eating carbs, as I learned last year. Portion control makes me feel better, too.

I may schedule an appointment for some highlights to cover up the grays...

Wondering what you ladies do to "spruce yourselves up" when you feel not so hot?


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I'd put mascara on for you, AS! I'll swing by and get you and AJ on our way to the wine bar!

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I am dying for a wine night with my friends. They all have small kids for the most part, or are part of a couple and not individually mine, so that takes some time to organize.

I envy women who have friends who can take girl trips with them.

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Covering the grays always helps. Sometimes I change my hair color altogether.

I'll get a pedicure, which is a rare treat for me.

I go to Sephora and buy the good makeup that I don't usually treat myself to.

I cut WAY back on carbs and sugar at the beginning of this year, and it's amazing what a difference it's made. I had a bag of pants that I put away last summer because they were too snug, and I tried them on last weekend and they fit great!

When all else fails, buying a new pair of shoes works wonders!

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I'm going to sound like an old boring nerd, but it's what I am so....

I make and keep appointments with myself every week for exercise. I would go mad without it. It provides stress relief and mood stabilization, as SSRI drugs do not work for me. I very rarely miss and I feel it when I do. If I can get outside and hike, that's even better.

Good job on the cleaner eating! I always feel healthier when I am well-nourished.

I have a standing every three months cut and color. It is one of my few indulgences because I have crappy hair and it needs a lot of TLC to look decent.

I always feel my best when I am doing my best if that makes sense. I'll try to get out with friends sometimes and make sure I am focusing my life and needs.

If that fails, wine and a trashy book Smile

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Every 3 months for hair sounds good. I only go maybe twice per year but the grays are cropping up more and more...

I am torn between highlights to cover the grays or just a full dye. I am too indecisive with hair. I don't like to cut it either.

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I love a fresh haircut!

I like highlights because they tend to grow out more gracefully and need less maintenance. I think it depends on how grey you are. I have lighter hair, so highlights and a demi-permanent color do the trick.

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Haha.. just went to Ulta today and dropped 200 on a few pick me up items. lol.

I recently have been making a bit more effort in the makeup department. I also have bought a few things in my current size (sigh....). I figure maybe if I can feel better... I might actually do better.

I am also trying to eat a bit more healthy and my dog is staying with me instead of going out of town with my DH.. so I get a few short walks in every day. baby steps I guess.

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Jeez, I'm going through the same thing. I know it's in part (a BIG part) to all of the stuff I'm dealing with and that, while I've been trying to eat healthy, that I am also stress eating. Which makes me feel even crappier than usual.

As much as I would LOVE to spruce up my makeup, I cannot afford to at this time. I've been using the same products for years. Certainly not from lack of trying to find something new and better, but finding a match for my skin tone has been a huge bite in my wallet.

Anyhoo, I try to be nice to myself. That means:

* Get a pedicure or, at the very least, soak my feet in the foot "jacuzzi" I have.
* Take time to do my hair instead of slapping it into ponytail or bun and adding a hat.
* Choosing clothes that are flattering and comfortable.
* Wearing some cute/sexy shoes (whatever matches the outfit.
* Spraying on my fave body mist

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Cutting carbs is a very effective way to do a reasonably quick physical makeover and attitude adjustment.

My wife and I started a low carb high protein program (Ideal Protein) and I have lost 30lbs in 3 weeks and she has lost 18. The IP program is medially supervised and managed and very effective and works great but I think a low carb high protein self managed effort can be very effective.

As an example my BIL1's wife has dropped 70Lbs in the past 5mos doing a modified weight watchers program. In addition to weight watchers she has cut all sugar and high carb foods (bread,crackers, baked goods, pasta, corn, potatoes, rice, etc...)

Basically if you stick to meat and green vegetables (diligently) the lbs will pretty much melt off.

I have another 90-ish lbs to go and my bride has about 35-ish to go to reach goal. I hope to be there by EOY 2017.

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30 and 18 lbs in 3 weeks is excellent, wow!

I always have success when I limit my carbs (and sugar, of course)... I just ate a lot of "comfort foods" all winter, now it is time to kick it into high gear.

Edited to add: it is especially helpful to do NO CARB dinners most nights. When I tire of meat and veggies, some fluffy scrambled eggs with cheese are good.

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You basically flipped the script on how the human body has evolved to survive the seasons. Historically the late spring, summer and early fall are the seasons to pack on the lbs to survive the winter.

We had the fluffy scrambled egg dinner last night ... but... no cheese, Eggs, a can of Rotel, and a big handful of fresh baby spinach. It was great.

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Chef is half Italian and half German; he works a physical job, drinks beer and loves pasta. Loves huge meals well after 6 pm every night. I am doomed!

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DH likes a hearty dinner, too. He also likes soda and fruit juice and ice cream... makes it tough!

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I have been feeling blah, too. Unsexy and generally run-down.

Been pushing the water and walking lately...trying to get better sleep. These things help. I do my hair regularly and don't care about nails, so when I want to feel spruced up and sexy again, I usually do some hot yoga, slather myself with some kind of oil or cream, and then take a long cold(ish) shower. The heat followed by cold makes me feel refreshed and more toned all over.

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I go online and find a sale or two. I like to get some nice tops or new workout clothes. I've been going to spin class to help with weightloss since January while calorie counting and a little weight training but the scale has barely moved. It's depressing especially when there's people all over Facebook who are losing 10 pounds in their first week of just "eating healthy". Getting my hair or nails done help lift my spirits too.

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Maxwell, I'm a spin junkie and also saw very little movement on the scale. I took a co-worker's advice and got more serious about my weight training and added a day of treadmill intervals for some variety. It's starting to make a difference, slowly. Spin is great for cardio and a good calorie burn, but adding more muscle helps you burn more calories all the time. The cool part is that my resting heart rate went from almost 70 to 56 at my last physical, so I am trying to look at other indicators of health other than just weight.

I have a hard time losing weight too, I can relate to your frustration.

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I feel like this is one of my specialties so it might seem pretty extensive, but here's a typical night after feeling "blah" and "unsexy" for a while:

- Take a long, hot bath with a bath bomb from lush or some bubble bath/candles.
- Use a really good body scrub to exfoliate
- Shave legs/body
- Put a face mask and hair mask on during the bath
- Self-tan after getting out and drying off using st. tropez mousse (it's awesome and not orange at all!!)
- Moisturize using some of the best smelling lotion I have
- Paint my nails and toenails
- Wax/pluck my eyebrows
- Put on super cute, preferrably new pajamas (because for some reason they feel better lol)
- Read a book in bed feeling super duper cute Smile

I know... excessive, but honestly, it works haha I can't NOT feel good after putting that much care into myself! Plus DH always gets all obsessed and compliments how good I smell/soft my skin is/whatever.

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I always feel better with a nice bottle of Chardonnay and a fire(pit) glowing in front of me.

And I have recently bought some nice running shoes and intend to begin running again. Not going home after work, cleaning and cooking dinner for everyone. Actually working up a sweat! Working up a sweat through exercise ALWAYS makes me feel hotter. "Dewey" Biggrin

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AJanie, I don't normally wear face make-up as well (just high quality powder), but recently bought the kind you mentioned and I'm pleasantly surprised with the difference it makes. I definitely look less tired.

When I'm feeling like this, I generally toss out some old make-up and treat myself to some new make-up. Indulge in some at home deep conditioning treatment on my hair, a pedicure, maybe polish my fingernails, and try to squeeze in a hair appt for a balayage refresh. Also up my water intake and set aside time to read or catch up on the few shows I enjoy watching like The Great British Bake Off.

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That sounds goods and much healthier. 15/16 grams of sugar in one of those little chobanis :jawdrop:

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undergarments... I forgot that one. I always feel better when I grab some new Victoria's Secret 5 for $25 undies Blum 3

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undergarments... I forgot that one. I always feel better when I grab some new Victoria's Secret 5 for $25 undies Blum 3

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I shower and brush my hair- Lmao I'm so freaking busy that that in and of itself feels like a privilege on a non-working with people in person day.

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New sheets .I am a freak for new sheets.
Weird. And bed covers that match.

I'll buy a few new undergarments, bras,underwear.

Switch out or buy new cologne /perfume for the season change.

New makeup but not a bunch.
Too old for some of the colors.

Pick up some new moisturizer.

Tub soaking with lemon and lime bath oil. So refreshing.
And getting deck furniture out ,sitting in the spring sun and hear the birds . So nice! Picks up spirits.

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A glass on wine on the patio listening to the birds IS very nice. I cannot wait until the weekend.

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Love sheets and bedding too!
I purposefully avoid the bed/bath sections in stores.
I did however just replace an older set of sheets and I was so happy to be able to legit get new ones! I think next year I'll replace our duvet cover for the winter.

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shower twice a day and wash my hair once a day.....

do my feet weekly in summer time and epilate my legs as well, winter I don't care about nail polish, not about hairy legs, only cut my fingernails when it's longer then 2 inches...

never owned make-up not even as a young girl, but I facials twice a week with baking soda and lemon, other days simple wash with plain soap, coconut oil is my night cream and sunblock my day cream

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LOVE Gel mani/pedis, eyebrow threading. I do my own hair every 3 weeks with naturtint and crea clip.
I never blowdry my hair and use "one" cleanser from Sally's with occasional hair masque.

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I love to soak in the rays. Soon for me! very soon. The months on end of cold and snow... and now fog and rain... awful!

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move to Mars - you can do it 365 days a year.... even in winter lol.... just allot of sunscreen or you will look like old leather within 3 years

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I don't like to wear a lot of eye makeup or really makeup in general.. I'm more of natural type gal, but I DO love a good mascara and I found the BOMB! It's Stila Huge. I got it at Ulta and holy crap! I use a primer and then one coat of the huge and my eyelashes are just that.. HUGE!

A good hair day is what really makes me feel best, so I NEVER go more than 7 weeks without a trip to the salon for color and trim. During the summer I try to get a pedicure at least once a month.. smooth feet and pretty polish on my toes make me feel good too

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WHITE HEDGE HOG EYEBROWS!!!!! Uggh.... That is my one appearance addition element to bitch about that is entirely outside of my control unless I start dying them.

Being a man sucks! Wink

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I blessedly have not been cursed with the unibrow. Thank God. A white hedge hog unibrow might be more than I can deal with.

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Oh, my barber goes to town on trimming them when I get a cut every two weeks. The issue with trimming thick ageing older guy hedge hog bristle eye brows is that trimmed they are more dangerous than if you let them grow to horse tail length. They stab you when you are sleeping when they are recently trimmed.

I suppose I will have to go to the Just For men option to keep them something other than snow white at some point.

There goes my man card.... again.

The only redeeming experience associated with the eye brow trim is the hot towel shave that I have done at the same time as the cut. Pure bliss though having someone wield a straight razor in proximity to my jugulars is a bit disconcerting.

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I get a facial every other month.
My "facial" also includes a foot/hand/neck massage while my face has lovely potions working on my skin. And it's 1.5 hours. Bliss.

I do my own hair color, thank you Clairol! And I really need to get a pedicure...sandal weather should be happening at any time...any hear my weather gods?...any. time.

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a bubble bath with candle light, a trashy magazine and an ice cold beer.

i haven't had a massage (8 yrs), facial (8 yrs), mani (2 months, i cracked off my overlay on purpose) or pedi (2 years), root touch-up (8 months), or haircut (over 1 yr), because i couldn't afford them Sad

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I've been feeling the same. I suspect it's a combination of being super busy and winter.

I had lunch with a friend this afternoon, so I took a shower this morning and actually put mascara on and did my eyebrows but didn't do up the full face. When my SO saw me, he told me how stunning I looked. I guess he's so used to seeing me disheveled and blah that a little mascara and eyebrow powder really jazzed me up... LOL. I really should put in more effort...