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Reintroductions to a SD who hates me

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P has a 13 year old daughter and I have two children with him, 2 years and 4 months (NM). We split up when I was with baby2, largely due to the stress of his daughter and being in another country with no support network, combined with PND from baby #1. Over the last few months, we have started things up again, secretly and we live apart. SD has no idea we are back together just yet, nor does her BM.


Jealousy over the relationship my boyfriend’s ex has with his family.

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Little background.  My boyfriend has three teenage kids, who have accepted me as their father's new partner.  I am the first person my boyfriend has introduce to his family since he separated from his wife 3 years ago.


My boyfriend is a loving father and a reaponsible ex-husband.  He is generous to the mother of his kids, her family and common friends.   I was also married and unfortunately my ex and I were unable to conceive.  


New Stepparent *HELP*

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I'm new to this website and new to the world of step-parenting. I’m not married yet but in a very serious committed relationship with my SO. He has a 4 yr old with his ex-wife. I am driving myself crazy with the thought that child support has the possibility of increasing as our household grows financially for the next 14 years. I find myself jealous, angry, and most of all scared. Scared for the wellbeing of my potential future family’s financial wellbeing. When I bring it up with my SO he gets defensive and isolates himself emotionally.