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Jealous of my step daughter

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So I have 2 stepdaughters. The younger one is awesome. I relate and respect her. She is independent and a go getter. Doesn't fuss about chores. Will roll up her sleeves and help. And more importantly her dad doesn't worship her like he does his oldest daughter who is 20. And you guessed it, she doesn't lift a finger. Now that we've moved in I'm baffled by her selfishness and self centeredness. Now to be fair, she is always respectful and kind. Never so much as looked at me sideways. Which makes my jealousy all he more shameful. And I know my BF feels the same way.


Adult stepchildren

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His children do not like me. I'm a nice person and have never had problems making friends. We have been together five years and married two. I have tried to get along with his kids. They have never once talked to me or even acknowledged I exist. They have been rude and walked away when I try to engage in conversation. This Christmas his son who is 25 sent a card with only his name on it. The three daughters are not much better. The youngest 19 yo acts all nice when dad is around, but doesn't give me the time of day or makes me feel unwanted when we are alone.


Does PAS = adult entitled brat?

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Long story short, met DH when his daughter was 13, she was loud, demanding, overly bossy and highly critical of everything DH does. I spotted PAS quickly, from the judgemental things she said "you spent $10 on a bottle of wine? You should be spending that on me" all came from her mum



I'm done!

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I swear I'm going to kill something! well, my husband put his foot down with 23 yr old daughter, so now she's going to pay rent this is after she said she wasn't going to pay bc it's so unfair. She's trash-talked my hubs to her family and now they think he's being a horrible parent. The ex-wife wants to face time a family meeting and discuss this issue as to why we are charging princess rent. The last time I checked her name isn't on the mortgage and she has no say as to what happens in my house period!