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I think Guzzlord Is Spying on My Computer?

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To put it mildly, I haven't been well lately and I've been working from home.  I've ordered lunch from Grubhub a couple of times throughout the last couple of months.  But today it really hit me that something seems really weird.  

Guzzlord spends all day every day in the basement, but somehow every time I order out, well before they ever even get here, he comes upstairs and it almost seems like he's watching the window for the delivery and waiting for me to give him "his" (which there isn't, because he does nothing to contribute and really needs to chill with the entitlement, so I leave him to sandwiches and Ramen and leftovers), or share with him.  I generally do share what I get with him because I can't eat the typical giant portions most places make and also because he's seen it come in so I'd feel like a jerk otherwise.  

It's just weird because the past few times I've ordered lunch delivery, he's almost IMMEDIATELY come upstairs and asked if I could spend $ on some game, etc. before the delivery is even en route for him like he somehow knows I've just spent $ (I almost always just tell him I'm broke AF because he constantly wants games and in-game expenditures and, again, literally contributes nothing to our home or lives), then hangs around upstairs until the food shows up.  

Do boys not get into chasing women or partying or whatever anymore?  Is he just going to live here and leech off us forever?  At his age, I wanted to be an adult and do a little partying and date whoever I felt like that week and stuff, but I guess their social needs are all internet-based these days and he's never going to have any actual motivation to move TF out.  

He stole my onion rings while I was on a phone call earlier today, and then tried to tell me they must not have been delivered.  I checked with the driver and he said they definitely should have been in the bag.  Didn't call the restaurant because I didn't want to risk getting the driver into any kind of trouble when I'm fairly sure this was Guzzlord's doing.  He should have honestly still been asleep given his jacked-up schedule, so I asked the delivery person to just leave it outside and not knock so as not to activate the dog (or alert Guzzlord).  But then one of my bosses called, so I had to close up in my office and take the call, and it's weird that he was awake and seemingly aware that anything was on the way. 

I feel like I have 0 privacy and something is a little odd here. In fact, just to test my theory, I opened the Grubhub site just before I started writing this post, and he's still hovering about up here.  I legit didn't even order anything, I just threw some random stuff into the cart and waited, and sure enough... 




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Dang I would constantly pretend to order just to get to him.

Is there a way you can find out he is spying your computer. A total invasion of privacy! Id rip him to shreds if that was the case. 

If he knows when you order what else does he know? 

Maybe he knows you are on here  , if that is the case  SS YOU ARE A PRICK> GET A LIFE.

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Stop with the sharing and guilt.  He has earned zero consideration.  Stop giving him ramen, left overs, etc... 

Cut off his wifi. 

Time for this shit for brains to launch. Like it or not.

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Time to do some counter-spying

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if he is spying on you but he's definitely learning some behaviours.

He knows if he hangs out at lunch time there is a high chance he can score some yummy food.  Stop sharing.  Its rewarding his bad behaviour.

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Over dinner tonight and in Guzzlord's presence, casually remark to your husband that you have a feeling that somebody is spying on your computer (cite response times or something if he asks why) and that, as it's your work computer, you've turned the matter over to your employer because they have the means to detect and sue the culprit if there is one. Remember to point out that this would be insustrial espionage and that the consequences for this can be very hefty indeed. Observe Guzzlord's behaviour ...

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What is your Wi-Fi router? There are several that have built in "parental" controls. Netgear, nighthawk, come with circle. It shows every website and device connected. It cannot collect passwords or keystrokes. Who set up your network?  You can also bypass the built in monitoring by enabling vpn. I would test GZ by next time you actually order, log your phone off Wi-Fi and onto data and order from the phone app. Then after food delivery login to the grub hub on Wi-Fi and see if he comes up and hangs out.