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Talk About Bad Service

Over the past two days we've been trying to buy surround sound speakers for our tv/stereo. We went to two different Best Buy stores and we might as well have been invisible!!

We must have wasted 3 hours just waiting and looking for someone to help us. Just when we would find someone, they would tell us that they didn't know anything about the home theater speakers. It was one of the most frustrating experiences ever. It's not like you can help youself. The boxes are either up really high or not out on the floor at all.

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Am I Paranoid?

I can't decide if this is strange or not? My stepson had a soccer game today. He was visiting at his mom's house so she always brings him to his game on those days. Today she called an hour before the game and wanted to know if we could pick him up and take him to the game. Of course we said yes. The strange part is that there was no real reason except that she just wasn't ready yet. According to stepson they didn't do anything all day so why wasn't she ready?

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Family Vacation

We need to come up with a family vacation for this year that will not break the bank! I Just can't think of anywhere that a 10 year old boy would think is great for a low cost. It would be nice to be able to fly somewhere but that usually costs too much. We didn't really have much of a vacation last year so we should do something this year.

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StepMom blog

I have a different blog, but I refuse to write about Stepfamily stuff there, for the most part, because I want it to be happy stuff.. Stepfamily life isn't really happy.

So I wanted to start a new blog about Stepmomming.. one where I can let it all hang out.

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New Look!

Hi! I decided to change the look! I think I like it! There are still a few minor things to fix but overall, I think it looks good.

I hope everybody likes the new look!


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Another Day

We all had a good Valentine's Day yesterday. Everybody got chocolate and cards and I got roses. The card was signed "Be our Valentine love, "husband and stepson"". It was so sweet! I also baked some brownies for dessert, yummy!

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Support over the age of 18?

Well, as most of you know, I have teenage step children. Well, two of them will be turning 18 in a month. This issue does come up as the kids get older! So look out. To make matters even more complicated...let us throw in the bio daughter whom is now 21 years old.

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Sticking to the Punishment

Oh, I am torn, even though I know what we have to do. My stepson had a bad week last week at school. He was misbehaving in class, which resulted in him not getting his work done, which resulted in more homework. He ended up with a "D" in conduct for the week.

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Another Busy Day!

Well, we have another busy day ahead of us. My husband got up and made breakfast this morning (very nice!). My stepson is trying to work on his science project. Then the rush starts!

First up, the Blue and Gold Cub Scout banquet at lunchtime. We will be having lunch and my stepson will be crossing over from a cub scout to a boy scout. Then, we have to leave early from that, change in the car and be at my stepson's soccer game at 2:30pm. When that is over then my stepson has to change clothes again, and go with his mom for his sister's(Bm's daughter, who is 2) birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. I bought my stepson a gift to give to her so we need to make sure we bring that along too.

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It Has Been a Long Week

We are really tired tonight and we still have a science project to work on before bedtime.

This week my stepson has had a lot of homework. We think that he isn't using his class time wisely again. Hence, he has to bring the work home. It takes him twice as long as it should to complete his work. Not to mention, he got a "D" in conduct this week. He was mostly talking and goofing off. The teacher even had to move his desk away from all of the other kids because he just wouldn't listen. I wish I could get inside his head and figure out what is going on with him. I hope that next week is a better week. We told him that he would have to miss basketball practice next week and if he didn't shape up, he would have to drop out of basketball.