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child abuse by biomom?

Hi, I know, I know, 2 posts in 2 days. I just have a short one here. You know the 10 yo SS that lives with us was at his Biomoms and her BF for a week not long ago. Keep in mind they are 2 adults who when not at work sit around and play video games all day and don't clean house, mow grass or any other contrustive normal adult activity--they are very childish. They live in the boonies and that week the grass was 2 1/2 feet tall-ticks, mosquitos, whatever all over in it. My SS is 4 ft tall. NOT THE FIRST time they made him mow this grass with a push mower! I can just see him lifting it trying to use it as a weed wacker. She never puts insect repellent on the kids or herself--I have even sent some over there.

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Biomom Causing Problems

My husband forgot something at home when he and stepson went to soccer practice. He called and asked if I had time if I could bring it. So being the nice wife and stepmother that I am, I drove over to the soccer field. Guess who was already there?

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Why is feeding so territorial?

What’s the deal with food/feeding?! I remember reading someone’s post last week (or the other day…there is so much to keep up with anymore!) about a biomom saying that she would “pack the kid a lunch”…well SD6 showed up for her visit yesterday (late) with “her dinner” in hand…now mind you…we’ve been doing this since 2002 and she’s never came with dinner before…I think it is a control thing b/c honestly we didn’t think that she would bring her at all after the weekend we just had…but sending her food was a way to try to exert control in some odd way (could it be connected to the whole “breastfeeding thing” as in I’m her mother…I will feed her…maybe that is a stretch?!).

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These courts are a JOKE!

We watched a show last night about a group of twins called Prussian Blue…long story short…their mom is raising them to be racists and they go around the country performing at neo-Nazi rallies, think that Adolph Hitler was “a great man who had some really good ideas”…their dad has not been in the picture b/c he had some drug problems in 1996 when they divorced… (the girls are about 12-13 years old) I’m not sure how much contact he’s had with them since 96 but he has been cleaned up for many years and didn’t know the extent to which they were involved with hate groups until he saw their first dateline nbc report….well…he took the mother to court…said that she was endangering the children’s safety by having them expose such hate and show their faces nationally and just all around bad parenting…he lost and the mother got to move to Montana in search of a “good white community to raise the girls in” an the father got SQUAT!

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Ex wife creates a Clone!

Ex wife creates a Clone!
You know we just call her kind Physco (not in front of the kids) but, when her children grow up and are not prepared for the real world she will be the one that has to deal with it!

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Hard for me to empathize although I do sympathize with you all!!!

I KNOW that I’m gonna get some serious flack for this…and my intent is not to put any kind of division in the forum b/c I am truly grateful for and appreciate ALL of your perspectives and opinions…they are what get me through the day most days!!! But I’ve been wondering this for a while now (ever since there was a thread a while back about it in which half of the group indicated that this was their situation) and I just have to ask…is there a different dynamic/expectation level when we are talking about marriages that began as adulterous affairs? I hate to even make any distinctions but I even seen a smidge of difference when the couple is living apart and going through a divorce (paper work just not complete yet but both know it is over) vs.

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Newbie post. First day of school lesson turns into huge fight

Hi, I am new to this site and have been contimplating posting for a few months and if I ever seem rough it is because I am truly at my brink with things here. I have 2 children and 2 stepkids. One of my kids live with me and the oldest stepson (10) lives with me and my husband (we have been together 3 yrs). His biomom is a real doofus-I mean like a cartoon character! Of course I am expected to make up for her short-comings with his kids. Well, for the 3 years I have been with him it has been a constant struggle with the 10 yo to get him to give us his papers from school so we know what is going on. Telling him, over and over. I have had it. Well, since I never saw his end of the year papers, I didn't know what day school began this year, he kept telling us it was on Tues (today) the 22nd. So after some checking I found out it was actually the 23rd. My idea was to have him get ready and go out this morning and wait on a bus that was not going to come to teach him a lesson. I told my husband, who never checked on when HIS son's school started and he blew up at me and told me I was childish and playing games, etc. Threatened a divorce, and treated me in typical hateful fashion. I am so sick of having the responsiblilty of dealing with his kids' stuff and not being able to make desicions about their punishments. Does anyone have any input on this. I won't be offended if you side with my husband, I would just like to have some other input.

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Uncooperative ex-wife

Let me give a little background info, so you can fully understand and offer advice. There's no nice way to say this, but I am the reason by hubby left his wife. The marriage was already doomed but I was the excuse or reason that he left.

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New and Confused

Hello everyone i have spent the last few hours just reading through the other postings and gosh even though i was just reading i felt better. It's nice to feel like your not alone suffering through ex-wife hell.

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Biomom strikes again!

Well, to preface this a little bit my SD is 13 and has been to 12 different schools and most recently was homeschooled (by me since biomom is in her own words, "too stupid to help her"). Last November, bm pulled SD out of school and told her they were moving yet again. Two days later she changed her mind and told SD that she could do homeschooling for the rest of 7th grade. DH shelled out the money for the program and books and by February not a single lesson had been turned in. At that point, I took over and said that I would work with her so that she could finish and go back to public school for 8th grade. DH and I had SD Wed- Fri every week and she would come to the office with us and do her school work, but the problem is, that is the only time she did school work. Biomom never made her do any work while SD was with her. Also during this time I was planning my wedding and DH and I were trying to get our business built up so it was crucial for SD to not only do her work while she was with us but also to do her work while she was at her mom's. Needless to say, this never happened, SD did not finish the program in time and now it is time for school to start again. Biomom decided to try to enroll SD in 8th grade anyway and told DH that they would let SD in 8th grade as long as she passed the TAAS test. Well, DH got a call from the school this morning saying that SD was not eligible to go into the 8th grade and would have to repeat 7th grade. Now he wants to pay money that we don't have to get an extension on SD's homeschooling AND pay to homeschool her for the first semester of 8th grade so that she can start second semester back at public school.