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outsider in my own home

I am so happy to find this site. I am new to this sort of thing, so forgive me as I fumble through this! My stepdaughter has my husband wrapped around her little finger! The other day, my husband called me sweetheart, and she said "I don't want you calling her that, that is my name!" He ran to her apologizing, saying "I am so sorry, I won't call her that anymore!".

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Days Blending Together

I've had some problems in the last few weeks of the days getting mixed up in the middle of the week, as they all start to seem to be the same to me. The weather has been hot, hot, hot-almost 100 yesterday-but we got a shower last night and then it was unbelievably sticky, and buggy. And I was wishing I was somewhere else. Yuck! But I gave the dogs Frosty Paws wish they really seemed to appreciate. Last week I bought an ice shaver that does snow cones and fancy ice drinks. With the way things were going with my SD, I'll be making batches of margaritas daily!

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Back from Vacation

Well the ss did end up coming on vacation with us. However he did wait until the day we were leaving to make this decision. We all had a great time, the sk's were starting to rattle my nerves towards the end of the trip.

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Nothing Will Ever Change

I went to work yesterday and thought that my boyfriend would have addressed his daughter's escapade from the night before when she snuck out of the house and the biomom insisted that they would have a group meeting.

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I can't believe there is a site for people like me!!! Yeahhhh!. Just a little history. My husband is the custodial parent of a now 14 year old girl. I met my husband after he had been divorced for two years. His daughter had just turned eight. For the past 6 years I have functioned as "mom". Her birth mom ( I will not call her mother) has never paid child support, refuses to pay and is now about 27,000 in arrears. Her visits have always been sporadic and for the past two years we did not know where she was or what she was doing. Now after two years she has returned. You would think that she would come back and be grateful at how well our daughter is doing. Not her. She is back to making promises that she cannot keep, as well as telling our daughter that she wants her to live with her and that I am "stepmom", not mom.

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Desperate need for empathy...

I'm a blog/steptalk newbie, so here goes...I feel like I'm at an AA meeting ("my name is Lyza, and I love my husband to death, but his relationship with his daughter drives me insane"). I have no one to talk to about this, and I'm afraid it is going to mess up my marriage if I don't get some help. I resent my step daughter. Every time she calls my husband, Will, I cringe. The ole jump/how high thing happens ALL the time. I love him so much, and I hate myself for being such a $@%^* (can i use the b-word on this site??). He drops everything for her. I feel like she manipulates him all the time -- he feels so guilty for not physically being there for her -- and she totally takes advantage of him. I hate it when she comes to visit us. Everything changes -- we do whatever she wants, we can't act "normal" around each other, can't have sex (her room is next to ours)...on and on. We run around like crazy people all week - I am very possessive and selfish of my time with Will on the weekends.

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Only A Matter Of Time

Well, the stepdaughter really screwed up last night. She has been with us for a little over a week, after running from her bio mother's house because she didn't like the rules trying to be enforced. Well, she snuck out of the house last night (only 15) and left with her boyfriend (who she is forbidden to be alone in a car with anymore per the bio mom - only the bio mom won't tell my boyfriend why his daughter can't be alone with him).

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They like him!

They Like him....They really Like him!!! My bio-kids..his SK's gave him a card for Father's Day and instead of just signing it like they usually do...the 13yr old wrote a wonderful note to him. "You have been my Dad since 2001.

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New Australian Step Mum!

I know this is a US site but I can't find anything like this that is Australian, so I hope you don't mind me venting here! It is hard to talk to my friends because they are either without kids or married with their own bio-kids....no one really knows what it's like unless you are in a step-family I guess.

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TIME.com: Are Stepparents Real Parents?

I read this tonight and it put a smile on my face. I hope it does the same to you. This is the first time I've read that courts considered a steparent (or a non-biological parent) anything other than a stranger without rights.