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Does anyone else feel this way?

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In the seven months that have past since the EX has found out about our relationship and impending marriage she has made our life a living hell as you can probably tell from my other post. I didn't write about all she has done in that post but there has been plenty. Among the highlights, accusing us of doing "adult things" in front of the child etc. She has also accused me of doctoring her emails to my fiancee, of harassing her at work by phone etc. Of course she cannot prove any of these accusations as I have never done any of them.

Of course his bond is different with a son he sees EVERYDAY and a son he sees 6 times a month!

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We were talking with family over the holiday about an old guitar that my husbands dad gave him. They asked if he still had it. He said yes and replyed I plan on giving it to "johnny" when he gets older. A bold family member said why aren't you giving it to "timmy." My husband simply said that he wants to give it to our son and changed the subject.
Why is it so difficult to grasp the concept that althought he loves both of his sons equally the bond and closeness will be different? Is this such a strange concept?

BM is at it in full force; I fear for SD's safety!

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Wow. Things just keep getting worse and worse. BM called my fiance today at 4:00 to cancel their weekly Daddy & Daughter dinner (so what else is new?) and demanded to instead meet privately in person to discuss "some issues" because SD had had "a bad night" last night. My fiance insisted that if she needed to discuss something to please do it in writing. She threw her usual tantrum when she saw she wasn't getting her way, but he stuck to his guns and repeated that she should send him an email.


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Hi, everyone. I have been reading some of your blogs and have become inspired to join you all. I'm new and have some concerns of my own. I would so like your advice or suggestions on some of my own stuff having to do with the exes and my new bigger family. I look forward to hearing from you guys. Smile

Stepson Ripped from Our New Year's Eve Party

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I guess is was partially our fault but it was horrible none-the-less. We looked at the holiday schedule and it seemed to say that stepson would be at our house for New Year's Eve. Stepson swore he was at his mom's house last year. We didn't hear form biomom about picking stepson up on Sat. night when he would have been picked up if she had him for New Year's Eve so we thought we were good to go.

My husband's EX is "CRAZY"

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Thank god I found this site...., My husband & I have been married for 2 years now, and his EX has done everything she can to make life hell for us. At first I was surprised, cause they were over long before I came along. He has 2 children with her, and I have 2 with my EX, and we just had a baby together. His EX is very unstable, she is an alcoholic, and is court ordered to go to AA, and recieve outside counseling for her 'anger issues". My husband got custody of his 13 year old son this summer, so he lives with us,and is now happy & thriving.