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Up to old tricks?

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HHB sure has been getting around this summer! When she broke things off, it was all over her social media that she was back to hooking up with the guy she lied about dating right before she moved out of our house. The broke up badly, and then she was posting about another girl! Well, middle of last week, she was posting that the girl cheated on her and that was over. Yesterday, she posts about another guy!!! You look at the comments where the guy in the picture chimes in, and it really looks like they are now hooking up.

Here's the big problem, and the one that has me worried...seeing as BM shipped HHB off to us twice for this very thing. In this latest picture, both HHB and the guy look totally stone off their arses! The pic was taken outside at night, and there is indication in the comments that it was all hours! I was sure to grab a screenshot, as I'm pretty sure HHB "drunk posted" the pic, and once she wakes up and sees it, will take it down. But this behavior has me worried, because I've already told DH that HHB will NOT be moving back in this house...ever! If the girl is back up to her old tricks, it is just a matter of time before BM is trying to dump her back off on us because SF wants the girl out! I'm getting myself ready for WWIII over here! Making sure my finances are in order and stuff! I've said it once, I've said it twice, and I'll say it again...I will divorce before she moves back into my home!

And, far as I know, the girl still is not on BC!

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Oh dear, it's a matter of time? Let's hope not! You could always go get your own place and enjoy that sweet freedom if DH were to have HHB move back in. No way would I allow it! DH would be up the creek without your income to sustain him if you left! Keep praying that HHB stays away!

~ Moon

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In my case, DH would be the one moving out! He has family he can go stay with! MIL has a 3-bedroom house that she is living in by herself! Secondly, DH is so financially irresponsible, especially when it comes to HHB (he would just buy her whatever without checking the budget if I weren't around), that I'm not about to leave him with anything that has my name on it! Things don't sell fast a out where I am. I would rather stay in the house, do the work that needs done (as it is the only way it would get done), and sell the place. Only way I can be sure I don't end up with a foreclosure on my credit. BS20 still lives here 4 months out of the year (1 month winter break and 3 month summer). DH also doesn't really want the animals, so I have to be somewhere to keep them.

If HHB gets herself into trouble again, DH can take the girl and go help MIL with her bills!