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The story as told to DH!

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So, the story keeps changing. Remember, HHB simply told BD24 that she broke up with emo girlfriend because the girl was getting to serious...talking about marriage, kids, etc. Well, story DH got today was that emo girlfriend was acting all crazy, and HHB broke it off calling emo a f**king psycho...and in retaliation, emo called CPS on BM and SF saying that HHB's little brother was being neglected. I'm not sure if they are still under investigation if that is true, but the little brother pretty much does whatever he feels like while BM lays in bed most of the day. SF works.

One thing I have noticed on social media...does anyone remember the guy she lied and said was only a friend, but was busted around Thanksgiving when we ran into a girl at the mall who started talking about it because she didn't realize we didn't know? The one I know HHB was staying after school to make out with? Well, according to what HHB has been posting, he is back in the picture! She's been posting pics of him with captions of "summer love"! I'm pretty sure that is the guy behind the phone number...but I can't check old records past 6 months. She is also back to posting more provacative selfies.

And I don't know why, but DH says he is still trying to convince her to go back to color guard. Why? Girl needs to concentrate on her studies! He says that HHB doesn't want to deal with the drama in color guard. I had to bite my tongue as I thought to myself, "Because drama follows her everywhere she goes?!" And no...I didn't ask about HHB at all in any on the one sided conversation...DH just started sharing. I just kept doing what I was doing on my phone and gave him an occasional "hmmm".

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Wow. Just wow. Emo was in the picture for quite awhile it seems. So, if she all of a sudden called CPS after HHB broke up with her then this will look suspicious. I mean, if the little boy was being abused then why is emo only reporting it now? If I was a CPS employee, I would question this immediately. I'm sorry but I just can't stand it when people use these services in order to get back at others. It takes time and resources away from children and families that really need their help.
This doesn't excuse HHB from being a total user and abuser. I can understand her not wanting to be in a serious relationship at her age with someone who is talking about marriage and kids but I (as you) don't believe anything that comes out of this girls mouth! Hopefully this will teach her not to use people but from what you've shared about her, I highly doubt it.

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HHB is a total manipulative drama queen. She will use anyone anyway to satisfy herself (ego wise, financially, socially ). Wow, she's special alright!

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HHB is definitely a different kind of special! I really don't know what to believe! DH didn't reveal the source of his information...if it was HHB or BM. This is the first he has even mentioned the breakup, and it has been a few weeks now. Both HHB and BM are known for "embellishing" stories to make them more dramatic. It gets really hard to decipher the truth from fiction! I mean, if emo did call CPS, how did they know unless she bragged to them about it? CPS typically doesn't give the name of the reporter, unless they changed policy (I know about 25 years ago, a friend of mine made a report for the kids she was babysitting...they were living in filth and the oldest kept saying that the mom's boyfriend was doing things to her...CPS assured my friend that her name would not be released as the reporter). I'm not saying that emo was totally faultless in the whole situation...I know the girl. DH warned BM from the get go that he didn't think it was good for HHB to spend so much time with the girl...that something wasn't right about her. But HHB needed someone with a car to play taxi for her. She needed a ticket into prom (as she was only a sophomore last school year). She DID use the girl!

And as quick as I typed about the guy above, seems he is already out of the picture again! Just a bit ago, HHB removed his pictures from social media, and made a post like "I'd rather be alone". Maybe she started getting too pushy too quick again? With all the "love" stuff? Maybe he was in between girls and needed a booty call? Who knows! All I know is lock up your sons AND daughters...HHB appears to be single and on the prowl again! She has already proven she will go whichever way will benefit her!

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HHB is a piece of work and loves to be the center of attention. For 10 minutes. Then she moves on to the next victim. HHB has been out of Cant's home for months......

~ Moon

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No, she no longer lives with us. However, if this girl ends up preggers, I feel my life will be hell! BM will ask for more money from DH, which he is already at the limit of his income with me covering part of his obligation to the household. Things would get very unstable between DH and me because he will expect me to be "grandma" and accept the spawn, which I refuse to! He will try to bend over backwards for HHB...I know this for a fact! There is the chance of him wanting HHB to move in, using the excuse that she and a baby would need a stable atmosphere. I refuse to let that girl in my house...especially if she ends up preggers!!! She is lazy, disrespectful, self-centered...I will not have my house trashed! I will not lay awake all night because someone is too selfish to get up to tend to a crying baby! I will not turn into built in nanny/babysitter! Hell no!

I had BD24 when I was 18. I got my own place, worked, and went to school! My mom only watched BD24 when I had no choice but to take an evening or Saturday morning class! I worked 40 hrs a week, and can remember sitting at my kitchen table with BD24 in her carrier on the floor next to foot rocking the carrier so she would stay asleep so I could debug the code from my computer programming class at 2 am! Having BD24 so young wasn't the plan, but I had the maturity enough to handle it! I was a straight A student...not because I was smarter than everyone, but because I put in the work! I was never the teenager who slept the day away. I had a handful of close friends...being social wasn't my life's priority. HHB, on the other hand, strives to be popular...sleeps the day away if allowed to...and measures her value based on the number of friends, followers, and likes she has! While I had a good idea what I was going to do with my life by age 16 and was working toward that goal, HHB doesn't have a clue! Now, I get that there are lots of teens through history who don't yet know where they are going at 16, but she is even beyond that. She has no motivation or aspiration to do anything but hang with friends and flirt! The only other thing she has any interest in is dance, but not enough to put in the work to be a serious dancer! The girl is hopeless!

I also hope the CPS this is false! If CPS comes in and finds BM unfit to care for HHB's brother, they could also make HHB move back with us! I'm afraid if that happens, divorce is certain! I will NOT have that girl in my home again! Not after all the lies she has told!

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Oh, can be sure I'm already preparing for that battle! I know I can handle this house and my bills all on my own! My parents moved last year, so I no longer have any family around here other than BS20...who technically, still lives at home when he is not off to school. I'm gearing myself up! If he comes to me and says that HHB has to move back in with us because of this CPS nonsense,I'll be informing him that he can take that girl and go move in with his mom! MIL is in a 3-bedroom all by herself...she has the room! Basically, any bill that doesn't have my name on it goes with him, and if he can't pay it, not my problem! As it stands right now, I can pay for this house and all my bills and still have a nice cushion every month...I've already done the math...thanks to my promotion last year. I could also ramp up my personal training, if I have to.

I'm starting to brace myself with this revelation about CPS just in case it isn't some over dramatic story. I know I'm going to have to lay it on the line if there is any truth to it, and they determine BM unfit. You are right...the girl will never launch...and I'm not dealing with that! The other issues DH and I may have I can try to work through...HHB at this point has become a deal breaker! When she disrespected me, DH would make me out to be the bad guy every time! He won't parent her, and won't let me parent her (though it isn't my responsibility). But when it comes to needing a taxi or money, I'm EXPECTED to help...hell no! Though I doubt CPS would talk to me, if they did, I would have to point out the lack of parenting in this house! Explain to them that I had to disengage because I wasn't allowed to even give 2 cents worth of advice...that the girl was sneaking out and DH did nothing...that whenever she was involved in trouble, DH would ALWAYS believe HHB's lies and do nothing. I will be sure to paint a picture that if HHB comes here, she will not be in any better boat than at BM's, because she will still run the show and do whatever she wants anyway! I will suggest that it may be best for the girl to move to her maternal grandma's hubby (not BM's dad) is a rather strict fellow!

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Oh, DH has seen it...but the second she starts with the "Daaaaadddddddeeeeeeee..." he "forgets" what a manipulative little brat she is! Then, it is back to her being a sweet girl in a bad situation. GAG!!!

I never wanted to give him the "her or me" ultimatum...never thought it was right. However, after enduring 15 years of her entitled, disrespectful, manipulative ways (which she learned very well from BM), I see no problem with it, now! If CPS tries to send her back to this house, I will be sure to tell them it will not be the stable home they think, because I will divorce DH before she even steps foot in this door! I will lay it all on the table for them if I have to! "Look, there is no harm in keeping her with BM at this point, as she has already become a "mini-me" of BM, and there isn't any more damage that can be done! This home didn't do her any favors the last time she was here for 2 years! She stayed the same!!!"