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Stop invading my sleep!

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Don't you hate when you have a dream that involves the skids?

This morning I had this dream that DH and I were on vacation...had a great time and all. Just as we were packing, DH drops the ball on me that HHB has to move back in with us due to some trouble again! In this dream, I let DH have it...oh HELL no, I will not have that girl back in my is her or me...the whole speech. DH goes on in my dream how I'm not being fair, and how can I not accept HHB. I tell him, "I'm done being disrespected and lied to! I know that you are blind to all of her crap, but you need to wake up!" The dream goes on with DH saying, "Well, if you can't accept HHB, I guess there is no other answer except for us to get a divorce!" You got that right buddy...I keep saying, I will divorce before that girl moves back in this house!

Then, I woke up to the alarm. It was one of those realistic dreams. Only problem with those, is that you wake up still feeling the emotions you were feeling in the dream. DH is probably really lucky I didn't punch him to wake him up and get him out of bed! I hate when HHB invades my sleep, even if she isn't actually in the dream, but becomes the topic of discussion during the dream! Why brain...why?! It must be HHB's latest late night escapades that she has documented on Instagram that has me worried she is up to no good again.

Speaking of Instagram, I guess HHB isn't getting enough attention from her "followers", because she has dug back up the deaths of those kids in the car wreck outside of our subdivision a few months ago. "Whoa is me...I miss you so much...I miss talking to you on the hurts so much that you are gone." Um, girl hadn't lived with us for about 3-4 months with the wreck happened, and before that, she hardly rode the bus because the princess had to be driven to school by DH, and she was always coming up with reason why he had to go pick her up from school or somewhere else...if she didn't get someone else to bring her home! She was too good for the bus! Like I said, I think the girl is fishing, again.

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I know, right? Wouldn't that be just priceless?

I remember a pastor at a church I used to attend tell a story about a dream he had...he was using it as an example of how the enemy likes to mess with you. He said in his dream, his wife had had an affair. The dream was so real, that he found himself upset with his wife the whole next day. That is the way I felt when I woke up. I really wanted to smack the man! LOL

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I hope this isn't a premonition of sorts. You know that HHB is acting up at BM's and that SF prob doesn't want her around. When does school start? Then the grades will be slipping, she'll beg for a new Homecoming dress.....not your problem. Brace yourself against what may be in the near future.

And don't let her back into your house. You're contributing to her CS FFS! Stay strong. Did you check your PM from the other day? Wink

~ Moon

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Oh, I'm getting myself ready! School starts last week of August for her. I have to wait about a week to see if she somehow got herself into color guard...I'm praying no! Girl needs to not be in any extras and only concentrate on her core classes!

Oh, and I'm waiting for the requests to start! Homecoming dress, school supplies, new wardrobe for school, etc! No, no, no, and no...that is what child support is for! If that isn't enough to cover the girl's demands, she is old enough to work, now!

A friend and I were talking the other day about how entitled these kids are, and how technology is ruining the generations. One thing we talked about was how in our day, it was cool to have a job...we couldn't wait! Have our own money? Heck yeah!!! Oh wait, our parents had no problem using the word "no" having our money meant freedom! Want that record? You could buy it! Wanted to buy stuff at the mall? Done! We heard "no" so much, we couldn't wait to get money so we could say "yes" to ourselves! Kids these days have it all handed to them, so why would the be motivated to work?

HHB hasn't slept in this house in 7 months as of today! The last time she stopped by, she said she was going to come one Saturday and clean that room. That was 3 months ago! I'm seriously going to just start boxing stuff up (with protection on, of course) and start turning it into a guest room for when BD24 comes home for visits, or when BS20 brings college friends with him on breaks. If HHB ever comes for an overnight again, she better leave the room as she finds it, as it will no longer be her room! This is no longer her home in any way!