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I'm letting her do it!

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Boxing… my kid needs an outlet, she’s not interested in soccer this year, dance classes are “stupid” (when did that happen?) Martial arts? Not interested…

Summer camp is “boring” but she’s going anyway, I work, and she’s too young to be left alone for 9 hours a day

She’s been so angry lately… we saw the sign for Teen Boxing and she immediately wanted to do it

I was worried about her braces, but contacted them and she can be put in a no contact/non-competitive group until she gets the braces off… training can be as often as she wants, Monday thru Friday>

I’m doing it, I’m signing her up for this… can’t wait till she starts hitting stuff to get some of this ‘anger’ out of her system

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yea! the physical activity will be good for her!

as reese said in legally blonde: "exercise releases endorphines...endorphines make people happy..."

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Yay! It will be great for her!
She can also wear a mouth guard, because I'd be willig to bet she's gonna want to pound away!

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No contact/non-competitive boxing? How does that work and how will it work off her aggression? Does she poke at balloons?

Whatever I hope it works - can't hurt. Wrestling would do the trick.