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Operant Conditioning (day 4)

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I spoke to SO & he *tried* to give the Skids each a skittle for doing something that they normally have to be nagged about. He said they haven’t done anything else today that warrants being “treated”. Turns out, although BOTH deserved a “treat”, only SS9 got one.

He was most offended because SD7 actually tried to DENY him treating them…the conversation went like this…
SO: Good job! (While trying to give a skittle to SD)
SD7: Uhhhh NO DAD!
SO: Watch your tone SD! What's the problem?
SD7: Mumsy is supposed to give us those!
SO: Actually, either of us can give them to you!
SD7: She’s the only one that has though!
SO: You were turds yesterday, so of course I wasn’t going to give you any & she’s been home every other time!
SD7: Every other time for what DAD???
SO: Go away, I don’t want to give you a skittle now!
SD7: *Puts on pouty face*
SO: And if you’re going to pout you can go to bed!

I laughed my butt off when he told me about it! Poor guy…he’s working so hard on becoming a well rounded parent. Eventually, they will get that we BOTH make the rules and we BOTH reward and we BOTH punish…it’s a work in progress.

Meanwhile, I’m still enjoying myself at MIL’s all by myself. I’m studying now & later will chill with a nice alcoholic beverage while watching some TV.