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Concerned about Stepreg... hey girl!

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Seems Steperg’s disappeared..?
I hope she’s ok.

She’s usually a pretty consistently contributing member
around here, and I think some of her posts have disappeared too.
If anyone talks to her personally… let her know I’m hoping she’s well.


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I'm wondering if she got banned? I know a couple of days ago there were some posters reporting her to Admin based on some of her posts.

Maybe someone who knows can shed light on this? It seems that some people seem to find out who gets banned and when pretty quickly, although I haven't figured out how they do this yet!

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It’s funny… a few months ago I wouldn’t have dreamed that I’d be the one asking after her… she used to rub me the wrong way and I didn’t agree completely with her most of the time but I know she was in a LOT of physical and emotional pain. She kinda grew on me in a weird sorta way. I hope she didn’t get banned… SOME people may deserve that but I don’t think she was too OVERLY offensive.

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From following the recent heated threads (that have since been deleted), I don't know if she would've been banned for being "offensive" so much as possibly "stalking" another poster? At least that was the word that was used...

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I liked Steperg and Blended Fam. I like everyone on here. That sucks, I must have missed something. I need to get internet at home ASAP!!!

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I know one way to tell if a user has been banned. Find a comment that they posted on a blog and click on their username. If the user has been banned, then you will get a message saying access denied or something similar. I have noticed that any comments on my blogs from either steperg or blendedfam are suddenly no longer there.

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I like Steperg...she is a very honest person...some people didn't know how to take her. I dunno what happened but I bet that one post a couple days ago had something to do with it.

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I don't think it's very hard to take steperg. She posted plenty of insightful posts. I must admit though, the way she'd turn virtually any post into a bash against blendedfam was kinda strange. I hope they're not permanently barred from the site, but I do hope *if* they return that part can be over.

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so you know what's funny?? Someone just posted either last night or this morning, about how Step Talk seemed so nice the other day, no fighting, no bashing, etc.... I've only been on here a short time, but quite quickly notice the anamosity between Steper and BF. Eke!

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I hate that people get band from here. The bickering happens on all sites. ALL of them. Rather you like Stepberg and BF, they both contributed AND got help here. Now step talk has lost all of that.

I have to really watch what I say here for fear of someone not liking it, and then getting banned.

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I don't think people are banned left & right on here. People still speak quite freely on this site, & Dawn/Admin seem to be okay with it.

I think it came down to it with the two of them because the bickering was so constant & would turn every thread sour in an instant. No matter who would post asking for opinions or help, as soon as one would comment, the other was right in behind it & the whole thing would nosedive. I'm not saying that neither of them contributed anything useful, but to have every thread go down in flames because it was THAT out of control...really, I think something did need to be done.

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I agree they both did contribute a lot. Banning them is not the solution.And after all they did have an issue with each other but they eventually stopped arguing. I say its unfair!

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Wow.. I really will miss steperg. She really did grow on me. I was just talking to DH about her the other day. ABout how her situation was a little different in that she wasn't dealing with stepkids but entitled spoiled step-adults.

I hope that she is doing okay. This really makes me upset. Sad

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I miss stepberg too. She is witty and very intelligent.

I have this generic email where you can contact me if you want stepberg

Give me a minute to reactivate it though. I haven't used it in years!

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Yeah dude… if you can see this, hope you’re well and you’ll be in my thoughts.
Thank you for the advice on the allergies… the honey’s been a tasty trick!

Take care.

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Steperg (if you are reading), I got Stepmonster in the mail yesterday. I've read 2 chapters, I can't put it down. Thanks for recommending I get it even after I left DH, it has already validated some of my feelings. I hope all is well with you.

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Moon Child Step Mom,

Maybe if you change the title of this blog to something she'd be sure to see?

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It looks as if both Steperg and BlendedFam are gone - if you go to any posts that they were a part of you will see people commenting on their posts but their posts are gone - the only way she could see this is if she comes on as a guest. I miss Steperg too.

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When I left that night BlendedFam was strongly urging people to report stepberg and get her banned.

It's too bad she succeeded but good that she got it too.

Stepberg wasn't the only one that found BlendedFam hard to stomach.

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yep, they are both gone..... very sad.... however, i can only say i miss steperg.

i think dawn and amdin are very fair and let that tit for tat go on for as long as they could..... i respect their decision, just wish bf never would have showed up to begin with..

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I've been lurking for months and I have to admit Stepberg annoyed the hell out of me when every post lead to her calling her SD names etc. I have sense learned to like and appreciate her humor and good advice. Blendedfam hasn't grown on me and I doubt she would have. It's funny though that everyone is saying they were both helpful but only stepberg is missed.

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Everyone isn't saying they were both helpful.

BF might have inadvertently been helpful on occasion as an unintended side effect to her constant boasting and gloating but I'm sure she never meant to be helpful. She was a liar and a phony.

Stepberg, on the other hand was real and always sincere.

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This is exactly what I was thinking! I miss Stepberg and was wondering why she had disappeared.

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This one has turned into kind of a tribute to stepberg. It makes us feel better to think she might read it and know how much some of us appreciated her.

If you think it's unfair you are welcome to start one for BF so all those who love and miss her can make their tributes as well.

Otherwise, if you don't like the thread - why not just stay off of it!

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pa, you may not know this, but i am sporting a small buzz right now.. and that post was funny as shit! not to mention right on!

i am buying that vitamix!

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damn! are all her recipes gone too?

Did anyone save them? I didn't get a chance to. I thought they'd always be there for me to get later.

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Please reread the posts I'm truly sorry if your buddy BF wasn't well liked and her advice not well received. Feel free to start a where are you blendedfamily blog and see how many positive replies you get.

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"only stepberg is missed."

b/c she did have a sense of humor and didn't feel the need to bash on in need.... however, she was in deed an acquired taste... Smile

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Wow. I'll miss Steperg, too. She finally got her situation straightened out, which was great. Regarding BF, she started coming after me a couple of times. She was just unreal, saying that she sent texts "thanking" her ex who had threatened her with a shotgun and abandoned her girls. My BS sensor dinged quite often with her.

That said, it is strange how the fighting on here will ebb and flow. Myself, I'm content to read and see if I can post anything from my experience to help someone. Plus it can be quite interesting to read the stories.

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I agree and usually I can do this.

That particular poster though...she lied about me. I probably could have let that go but when she tried to make Katrinkie out to be someone who couldn't be trusted that was the end for me. Say what you like about me but I simply cannot sit back and watch silently while innocent people are vilified.

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i looked it up on wikipedia... and in swahili, blendedflam means toxic..

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I have to admit that she came across very harsh in a lot of her posts - but we messaged back and forth a little and she did help me quite a bit!!! I will miss her!!

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I think the peace and quiet around here is very nice. I've lurked here plenty long enough to know it won't last though. Someone else will come along and stir things up.

Steperg somewhat grew on me. I was reading here when she first showed up on the scene and I can assure you all that the steperg you think you know is NOT the steperg who first came here. So huh, maybe I'll even miss her just a smidgen. Smile

I tended to agree with Blended's views and I know I'll miss her too. Hell, I'm going to miss watching them fight. I'll admit it. It was FABULOUS entertainment! Blum 3