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Two odd BM situations… ONE glaring reason!!!

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I hate that so many of my posts revolve around Mother Russia…
but she really is a pip.

A while back I posted an odd little bit about her profile picture on the facebook (I know… the irony of the worlds biggest facebook basher bringing it up in a post does not escape me). How she all of a sudden was posing beside a poster of Scarlett O’Hara, which was odd for two reasons… 1) Scarlett O’Hara is a HUGE deal to me… the entire story of Gone With the Wind is pretty special to me, but Scarlett in particular. There’s all kinds of memorabilia all around our house and a huge painting of Scarlett in our sitting room, which she’s seen plenty of times! And 2) because DH confirmed that she’s never shown any interest in the story or the movie!!! Weird right…

And then, out of absolutely no where!!! She’s decided that she wants to “make more time with children…” “I do activities with SS6”. Ok, cool. We’ve actually been hoping that she’d take *any* interest at all in her own kids and start doing more “motherly” things with them… but what she chose to “get involved with” was really weird.

Boy Scouts.
… really?

She’s known since this child’s birth that DH has been waiting for him to be old enough to join scouts… DH was in the organization from age 6 till senior year in high school (Eagle Scout I think… whatever the highest level you can reach is) and his father was a pack leader, DH is also uber-outdoorsy and is totally into the running, camping, fishing, climbing trees thing. So SS6 is old enough this year… *yippee*

What does that giant Russian giraffe do..? “I want to take son camp” “Is no fair… you can not have everything”. Now… we’ve invited her to get involved with basketball, soccer, chess club, the works!!! Why in the hot holy hell would she want to do BOY SCOUTS?!? She hates being outside longer than the walk from her house to her car… and it’s flippin BOY SCOUTS!!! Am I wrong or isn’t that traditionally a father/son thing? So I start thinking she’s on the warpath to stick it to DH… cause she knows how LONG he’s been waiting for this… and then the big revelation…

Her “best male buddy” from work… who she’s been “friends” with for years…. Who’s SON is also in SS6’s scout pack… is SS6’s den leader!!!

And guess what his name is..?
“Rhett”… no shit.

That explains a whole hell of a lot.
She’s so pathetic.


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Our BM to a "T"... only interested in doing something for SS if there is something in it for HER!

Signed him up for soccer last year (oh how convenient, her BF's daughter played too) BF's daughter must not be playing this year because no mention of soccer???

SS loves to snowboard, my hubby bought him a pass and took him multiple times last year.. asked BM if she would want to take him even once?? Oh hell no, every excuse in the book (bottom line because neither she nor BF are interested in it.)

I could list MANY more, but ya'll get the point... :sick:

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Seriously though… if she thinks she’s gonna mess up DH and SS6’s scout deal just because of some work crush (AND HE’S MARRIED!!!) she’s got another thing coming. The Moon Child can turn into a Wolf Woman when the mood hits…

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Oh… I’m so sorry Crazyisnotanoption… having to deal with that accent…
“we have meeting… is nice”
“That’s cool… duuuuuuuude….”
“you take phone call… we like…”

Thank you for understanding my pain! Wink

I really hope this won’t be a big deal, but it’s looking like its heading in the head butting direction.

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Let her do the scout thing. She will get freaked out at the first camp out and never want to be involved again. I am the committee chair for my son's troop and he just completed the Eagle Project last weekend. Scouting has consumed my life for the last 10 years. Trust me, if she is not the camping type she won't last. As for it being a Dad thing, not so much anymore. We have many active moms. Several are Asst. Scoutmasters. I never camp, that is why I do other things in the troop. If your husband is truly an Eagle Scout, she knows this and is doing it intentionally. Once an Eagle you always are an Eagle Scout.

Scouting is the best thing you can do for your SS. Let her take the lead, I guarantee it will die out at least by the time he crosses over. Then it is all about the hiking, merit badges and camping.
Having spent the last few months working and encouraging my son to finish his Eagle project, trust me he needs all the parental support he can get. My DH is not really active with the scouting and he has had to do a lot to help finish the project. This was something that my late husband wanted for my son. My father was a scoutmaster and it was always understood that my BS would do this.

Scouting is a huge time committment. We devote one day a week to meetings. Every other weekend some activity or campout. Now my son is training every other weekend for High Adventure. 10 mile hikes. She will get really tired of the commitment really fast. Honestly if the kid is that involved at 6 in other activities you risk him getting burned out as well. If your DH wants him to follow him, he needs to help ensure that Scouting is a priority in both households. Good luck.

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I agree. She is just doing it to irritate your DH. If he says, fine, go for it. She will realize how utterly out of her element and bored and/or freaked out she is and give up quickly.

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It is a father son thing - tell her to go pound salt - Congrats on your DH making eagle scout it is quite an honor and takes years to complete - companies actually like to see that on resumes - it shows a true dedication and commitment on the part of the individual.

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Yeah… he’s awfully proud of his Eagle Scout status… I guess only 4 boys completed it in our graduating class, I’ve only heard a little about it but it sounds like a HUGE life commitment. DH and I have both been looking forward to SS6 starting down the path… the kid could really use some “team” building skills, he’s kind of a loner and a bit of a know it all sometimes… we’re hoping scouting will build up some good character traits.

And poor DH is soooooo excited to experience it all with him.

I’m sure you’re right… after she gets her first mosquito bite and sees what a time commitment it is she’ll back off… and maybe buddy Rhett’s wife would be interested in Mother Russia attending these overnight camping trips! Wink

I kid… I kid… (kinda)

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Agree. Scouting is really an entire family commitment now. I was nervous about it when my husband died. But it really worked out for my son. Some of my closest friends are moms in our troop.

Let go of the father/son thing. I guarantee if she is not prepared for the committment on the badges, she will drop it. Your husband will be able to step in and look like the hero on this one.

As for Eagle, I am proud to say our troop just had our 13th scout complete the rank for 2010. We are hoping to break a record this year.

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Guys… I hope you don’t mind me making mental notes of those of you who are experienced “scout parents”… I know that DH knows what he’s doing but I may come to some of you later with questions!!!

I’m sure there are plenty of moms involved in scouts… but DH and Mother Russia working together on this just sounds like tossing two hornets into a can and shaking it up for ten minutes. Just ain’t gonna end well… I really hope if she’s serious and committed to working on this with him that they can come to some mutual arrangement. Right now it’s becoming a pissing contest…