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Never so glad I quit smoking than I was this weekend

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My stepdaughter got married this weekend.
Friday night at the rehearsal dinner, my SD and her husband were handing out gifts to their bridal party and giving these great little speeches of what that person meant to them and the reason they asked them to be in their wedding

It was beautiful and touching

She then gave my husband a gift and her speech had both of us wailing like a baby
My turn… another speech about coming into their lives at a time of their ‘transition’ and it was so sweet… my gift was very personal and lovely

She then talked about how her mom had helped her so much with the details of the party and she appreciated all the help and I saw her eyes darting around the room as she was talking … and she picked up the gift and I saw SD looking around even more. I then heard my husband say “She’s outside smoking”

She missed it ALL

I thought to myself… that could have been me

She also missed the first dance of the wedding, because as soon as the DJ finished introducing the parents, she walked in, took a seat, got up and went out back to have a cigarette.
She missed the cutting of the cake (we almost did too… busy greeting people didn’t hear them announce it) she was outside smoking
She left during my husbands speech to go have a cigarette and came back about half way through the father/daughter dance

I kind of feel sorry for her, and I don’t mean to be one of those preachy ex smokers
Even if I were still smoking, I think I’d have chosen my moments a little more carefully

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If you can think of it give them heads up before you do anything, that's my best advice
DH had this digusted look on his face,I just felt bad for her
if I had missed something special like that I'd be devastated