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Back to School.... if you don't mind my asking... $$ question

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just wondering how much on average do you spend on clothes/school supplies/fresh hair do's for sending your kids back to school?

My DD is 14 and I did a pretty good job of spacing out the clothes shopping but I think I wound up spending way more money than if we had just gone and done a big clothes run

Also, after too many years of buying supplies, only to be foiled by teachers asking for her to have exactly the opposite of whatever it was that we bought (3ring binder bought, NO 3 RING BINDERS, spiral paper notebook, NO SPIRAL PAPER NOTEBOOKS, etc...) I sent her to school today with a tablet, a calendar style note book some pens and pencils and that's it!

she's writing down what she needs from the teachers that don't have prepared supply lists

the 'new do' is this weekend
she wants 'ombre' hair... I had to google it...she can have it if her grades after 1st marking period are honor roll

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I am kind of hardnosed about this sort of stuff. I can see them having new clothes for the first day of school, but nobody is going to remember if BDs wore that shirt last year and they are wearing it again this year. When they were little, I just got them one special "back to school" outfit they wore on the first day. This year I gave BD10 $100 to spend on clothes and BD7 $80 (because she gets all of BD10's hand-me-downs and I take care of their clothes and so does BD10 so most of them look brand new). We are good at shopping sales, so with this money BD10 got two pairs of jeans, three pairs of shorts, four shirts, a pair of tennis shoes, a hairband, and a bracelet. Plus my mom gave them each a new shirt for their birthdays that fell right before school started.

With supplies, our school sends home very specific lists. I mostly get them generic unless a specific name brand is listed. We spent about $55 on supplies for two kids, although the school just sent new lists home (smaller of course) of other things they realized the kids needed once school started.

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Ss11 has uniforms at his school. This is his first year in Jr high and of coarse the uniforms are a different color than elementary was....sigh. So we (read as I) watch the sales and got his shirts for $5 a piece when old navy had their sale so he got ten shirts for 50 bucks. Hair cut was like 15, backpack 20, supplies were surprisingly minimal so only about 20. He got several pairs of sneakers over the summer as gifts, so that didn't cost us anything but usually we buy two pairs of shoes for school. I will buy uniform pants closer to cold weather to make sure they will fit ( got burned one year buying them too early and a growth spurt hit). We spend about 80 bucks on uniform shorts.

Bs4 started preschool. I bought a nice fist day of school outfit and he got two pairs of new shoes and a haircut.
...probably all totaling 150. No supplies or back pack for him.

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too much is how much I spend. I've got dd15, ds14, and dd11. On clothes/shoes-I probably dropped around 200.00 a piece. School supplies were nominal-maybe 30 on all 3 of them.

Only my ds got a haircut and that was about 12.00. Girls are both growing their hair out-although my dd does want ombre hair as well. Is that when the hair is darker on top and lighter on bottom? I told my dd15 that I get that every few months or so when my roots start to grow out!

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A couple pair of jeans and usually new shoes if they need them. As for school supplies, we wait until the teachers tell them the first day...Saved a fortune that way.

As for ombre hair, it is so out now, I wouldn't spend the money....Also, coloring hair at this age, sets you up for years of high salon bills.

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I spend way too much because he's in private school and every year the damn uniform changes based on what grade they are in.
I also had to buy all his textbooks and had to buy him gym sneakers, football cleats, school supplies etc... With NO help from the dad either. Uugghhh...This so blows....

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SS will go to private school next year...luckily this year DH was gone so there wasn't even a arrangement about school supplies she just had to buy it which serves he well for as much as she lacks supporting herself and we pay in support. We were also lucky that BIL is 9 and still had some nice pants to where SS has enough for this year both play and school, and then a couple to grow into so we bought shirts on sale for like $40, he will get new boots probably within the next month for $80 or so but that is primarily all he wears so it's a decent investment they will be worn out.

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$300 on both skids for 5 pairs of shorts, 7 tshirts, socks and underwear. We'll spend another $200 on jeans in Nov/Dec. BM got her mother to get the skids haircuts, back packs, school supplies and sneakers. Yup, BM didn't pony up a penny for back to school. Dirol

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Way more than I probably should and I also buy for the grandkids. I only have one daughter (DD13) left at home so she does get more as she's the only one I 'have' to buy for (the grandkids I do because I want to help out).

My niece is a hair dresser so haircuts, styles and colorings are cheap for me. I purchase supplies and give niece a tip. Oh yes, the ombre, I personally don't care for the look on all hair colors but it's harmless enough and I'm not 13.

As to actually buying school clothes (except for the grandkids), I buy all year round. There is a small spree as school kicks in, but I mostly buy something any ol' time when DD and I are out. One big trip for the grandkids is an ouch enough, so DD and I buy her things year old. If she needs something, we get it. If we're merely treating ourselves to lunch and a bit of shopping, I'll buy something that caught her eye. Yes, she absolutely wears clothing from the previous same season as that season this time around if it fits her. She has favorite pieces in her wardrobe that she'll wear to bits. Nothing wrong with clothing that still fits but is not new. Wear I have to keep on eye on spending with DD is her accessories. At age 13 a place like Charming Charlie's is a dream come true for a young teen in middle school. Then she'll hit every accessory department in the mall. What I do on these items is give her a set price limit and encourage her not to pick items that are a one outfit only accessory. The kid has two ears and two arms along with one neck, how many rings, earrings, ect does one body need.

My suggestion to you is to limit your daughter to what you are comfortable with spending. For extras and totally not necessary items, allow her to earn the money and then she makes the decision if it's too expensive, she'd rather save until something else blah blah. Except for as a gift, I refuse to pay for DD's perfume at the fragrance she currently thinks she must have . She earns the cash for it.