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pretty sure i found some kind of make shift dildos in SD15's room. she knew she had to clean her room or else I would. wtf. :sick: i'll go to the grave without telling anyone in real life about this, but god how nasty of her to not even throw that stuff away before going to her biomom's house. Thank god this is the last time I have to deal with something gross from her, its been nothing but shoes that stink up entire floors of the house and underwear that hasn't been changed in days and on and on and on.

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Gotta ask: what and how do you know? Strictly voyeuristic curiosity. I cannot imagine.

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they were do it yourself craft items that were unmistakably phallic and hidden away quite deliberately. there were like 4 of them. I remember when her dad was trying to help her clean her room that she was trying to weasel out of cleaning that cabinet specifically and there wasn't much else in there.

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'Course I just cleaned another bathroom that SGD-12 decided to mess up --- bleed over toilet seat, leave used pads on the floor, hide oreo cookies in the same cabinet as sanitary pads, so I should not be disgusted at what young women are capable of ...

Your post scares me as a snapshot of a possible future. Although, finding a stash of pregnancy tests might scare me more !!

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omg mine too, like how do you get blood everywhere? her mother never explained any period stuff to her so I had to and embarissingly she didn't know you could flush tampons for quite awhile. she wasn't polite enough to wrap them in tp before tossing them in the bin either

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Thank God my SD14 isn't the only period clueless girl in the world! When we moved in and my DS14 started sharing a bathroom with her, I got a text "Mom can you please go in & look at our bathroom. Just look." I walked in there and there were like 4 used maxi pads sprawled out right there on top of the trash can. Not only were they not wrapped in TP, they weren't even folded up so no one had to witness the crime scene! I understand that she only really had a Dad... but I seriously don't remember anyone having to tell me to do that! I remember being so mortified at the thought of anyone seeing my period related stuff!
Oh and she also has no "period panties". EVERY pair she owns are stained to hell & back! It's disgusting. And she takes her clothes off like a toddler (pant legs inside out & panties woven through them) and that's how she puts them in the laundry. I finally told everyone in the house (after repeatedly asking her to just pull them apart before sending them to the laundry) I am no longer doing either of your laundry. You need to be responsible for your own from now on. But, I still sneak & do DS's laundry, because he isn't a disgusting pig like SD! }:)

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My SD undresses like that too.

I just throw them in the washer they way I find them. And no one uses my expensive front loader bc skids just break everything I have.

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It really isn't good to flush them, bc they swell and block lines.

I live in the country and have a aeriator septic system. It was a mess trying to unstop them from the main drain.

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I just watched an old episode of "Real Sex" on HBO and there was a segment called "Kinky Crafting at Babeland." Yes, it was how to make sex toys from things around your house.

They made a vibrator from a cucumber and a flogger from bike inner tubes. My personal favorite was the vibrating panties that were made by sewing a pocket to the front of a pair of panties. The idea was to put a vibrator in the pocket - or a flip phone set on vibrate.

This episode was from 2009 - perhaps your SD found a more recent kinky craft show...

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i guess someone bought it off the internet for her or something? weird

edited to add: I don't care at all that kids do that sort of thing, that's pretty normal but if you KNOW your step mom is going to clean out your room put your dildos in a part of the room that is already clean ffs

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*SNORT* I am choking I'm laughing so hard at "elephant cow" sized dildo and favorite color "orange."

Lolololol oh goodness I've needed a GOOD snort laugh for days, Sally! LOL

Let's hope I don't pee myself! OMG FUNNY!!! Blum 3 Blum 3 Blum 3 Blum 3 Blum 3 Blum 3

~ Moon Biggrin Biggrin Biggrin

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I grabbed SDs tablet one day to look something up and her room was closer. She had 'beautiful black penis' video icons on the desktop part of it.

I did tell DSO, I'm sure he didn't say a word to her.

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That's exactly what I was thinking! She obviously was embarrassed enough by anyone finding them enough to hide them, so put them on display!!!

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I cleaned her room because we are moving out. We told her "You have until ___(day) to clean your room, figure out what to pack for the move and what goes back to mom's house, or your step mom is going to clean it and you aren't going to like how she does it." So i threw away tons of shit and got the room looking decent for potential buyers. It was nice actually to just have it done properly for once instead of pulling teeth. She throws literal toddler fits when you try to get her to clean her room thoroughly (she calls them "panic attacks" but they *arent* at all, that's a subject for a whole different thread).

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I've heard of that type of thing w kids who are sexually abused. They have no clue about sexual boundaries so they act out whenever they can. Maybe that skid had a different issue, who knows.

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I would've put those on display where EVERYONE could see it and make sure they knew it was hers. Seriosly would've embarrassed her with it.

When my sis was 16, she started dating a 19 yr old. I was 14 and found it damn gross. Found his G-string undies in her drawer one afternoon and was seriously pissed 'cos I realised they were havign sex, so what did I do?

My parents used to hold these lavish cocktail parties. One such party was held when a cruise ship came to our island and the captain was invited along with his friends. My dad would get my sis' bf to be the bartender.

On the morning of the party, I grabbed all his G-string (tarzan type and the like), undies from my sister's drawers and stuck tags with 20cents to them. I then hung them up all over the formal lounge area, where the guests were going to be mingling. Guests walked in to the sight of undies hanging everywhere with "For sale..going cheap" or "20 cents" tags stuck to them. My parents were mortified and I copped a massive hiding from my Dad... but oh boy! it was soooo worth it when I saw the look on my sis and her bf's face.

Mind you, they're married now .. have been for 35 years and they still never let me forget it.

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You would think! But just wait till your hands are full of laundry one day and you mindlessly walk in his room without knocking! You'll get the ickiest shock of your life! (Needless to say, I ALWAYS remember to knock now.)