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Is he finally waking up?

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Normal after work call with DH today was interesting!

DH was PISSED at SD15! He said, "I'm tired of every f*****g she thinks she has to go do something!" (Now, DH doesn't cuss often, and when he does, you KNOW he has totally had it!) I ask what it is she is trying to do this time, as she is sitting on the couch in the TV room, and hasn't said two words to me since she got home. DH says that SD15 is wanting to go hang out with some boy that DH knows nothing about, and he is tired of how it seems here lately SD15 is talking to a new boy every other day! SD15 is claiming this boy is one of her best friends down in the city, and DH is like, "Oh, really? Why is it I've never heard of this guy before now?" Just for grins, while I'm on the phone with DH, I go to SD15's friend's list on Facebook, and note that I see no one by that name on SD15's friends list! DH says, "Exactly!!! So who is this boy and where did she meet him?" (Hmmm...I suddenly recall the whole thing of last night that started all the drama with BM.) DH says he has to go and call SD15 back and get to the bottom of this crap. I hang up the phone, and is it wrong that I'm smiling from ear to ear?

Could it be that DH is finally starting to see how boy crazy SD15 is getting? I'm pretty certain this is some boy she met down at the pool when she was visiting BM in the city (well, supposed to be at BM's, but disappeared to her friends' houses instead). I'm thinking about all those boob selfies of hers on Instagram with the captions about hanging out with cute boys!

Better go pop some popcorn!!!

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Oh yeah...tonight is going to be popcorn worthy! Just walked through the TV room to put my laundry in the wash. SD15 is on the phone with DH trying to argue her case, and being rather disrespectful at it! Girl thinks that at 15, she is old enough to just go hang out with friends unchaperoned! Oh really, now? She is sitting there telling DH he is just blowing everything way out of proportion! Ooooo...trying that big girl adult talk on dear daddy, are we?

DH better stick to his guns on this one!! If he caves, I don't think I could have any respect for him! One thing is for certain, he caves on this crap and girl ends up preggers, she is out of this house or I am!

I can't believe that DH is even arguing the matter! When I was growing up, the conversation would have gone like this:

Me: "Hey, I'm going to go out with some friends."

Mom: "Whoa, whoa, whoa...wait a minute! Do I know any of these people?"

Me: "No"

Mom: "Will there be any parents around?"

Me: "No"

Mom: "Then you are NOT going!!"

Me: "Yes ma'am"

End of discussion, and I would sit my happy butt on the floor of the den watching TV with them the rest of the night!

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i need to look into this meetme thing. i betcha my SD is on it. there is a phantom facebook profile out there and it only has 3 posts that say STOP TEXTING ME and that's totally something my SD would say. im almost certain this is her page, and i wonder if she's somehow signed in through this meet me thing or some other app.

of course, she says she doesnt have a facebook but i think that's a lie, just like she told her dad she has no email (even bigger lie, since you cant get half these apps including twitter without an email!).

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I don't know...I'm afraid to log into the site and create a profile. I did look up some stuff on the web...all kinds of "parents beware" stuff.

OMG...they are STILL arguing! SD15 can't learn to just shut her mouth! She's out there slamming my TV remote on my tile coffee table...just waiting for one of the tiles to shatter. She has this pissed off look on her face because she is not getting her way. All I hear from my office (outside of the sound of the remote hitting the table) is whine, whine, whine...because everything she is saying is dripping in attitude!

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i created a page...kept it super anonymous, used another name, and i used BM's birthday. LOL!

cant find her, but you can email search.

but when i clicked on a profile, like FB, you had to be friends to see it. but my SD's twitter is wide open so im sure her meet me would be.

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Remember...the wonderful brilliant parents believe that she is not sexually active, and that she will not be, so they won't take her! And I'm not allowed! She would have to get something like the implant if she were, because the girl can't even remember to take her gummy vitamins every day!

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Take her to Planned Parenthood and shove her in the front door. Most states don't require parental notification.

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My DH didn't think his precious little princess was doing anything either until I overheard her on the phone talking about how she thought she could be pregnant. This is the day after I told him to not be surprised if she was active. Not so precious now, huh?